ugly dark underarm skin, please please help;(

yes, i hate my underarm skin.I am asian and am fair but i have very dark skin in the underarm area and also between my thighs.I think its a lot beacuse of the skin rubbing together as i was also quite overweight and have started losing weight now.Plase can anyone suggest anythin? i have a friends wedding in a month and am the bridesmaid , feel so depressed cause the dress is a strapless and my underarms will definately look ugly.I did hear about some peeling kits , has anyone used them ? please help ladies.


  • sorry chick i have no idea what to suggest. have you thought about going to a beauty salon or asking for some advice at boots ? might be worth a go. x
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    hi honey, first of all be really careful about using bleaching products or peels anything like that as they can cause bad reactions (especially in senstive areas like underarms). I would suggest some gentle exfoliation, if that doesn't help then definitely speak to a beauty salon, I know they can remove pigment patches with lasers and bleaching creams (professional use only) so should be able to help.

    however I really doubt that people notice it as much as you think...!

  • I think i suffer the same, was diagnosed with Ancothosis Nigrosis a few months ago...was given some cream/gel from the dermatology department of my hospital, they haven't done much but i do keep forgetting to use them. I also went to a camoflage (sp?) cover up appointment at the hospital where they tried different products to cover it, was fantastic but i cannot justify paying £21 for the stuff to use once. So i'm just gonna leave it and try not to lift my arms. LOL

    Some makeup artists can also do camoflage local college actually has a course for it.

    Go see your doctor is my advice, they can then refer you to the dermatology department who can help.
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