Advice please!!!

Sorry, i know it's not quite hair or make up but i still need help and advice.

I don't want false nails on my wedding day, at the moment i bite my nails, and are trying to stop but it's just a bad habit, i stop for days (not long i know) but my nails break so so easily and it puts a dampner on my efforts. Any idea's? i've tried some nail growth but i need hardner to and i don't suppose i can put two products at the same time.

Any advice??


  • agletbabyagletbaby Posts: 410
    Have you tried having a nice manicure done?? Would that not stop you biting?? You could always put that horrible bitter tasting stuff on - I used to have it when I was younger and it worked!!

    At the moment I am using a rimmel nail hardener/base coat thats quite good. Or you could try Sally Henson

    There's all sorts of harden and grow products!!
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    I'm a nail biter too and have only recently started to grow them for my wedding next month Ooops! At the moment I am using Sally Hansen Maximum Growth.....I find that by painting my nails everyday it lessons the urge to bite. am going to give it another week or so and then go get a manicure done like Monkey77 suggested and will do this weekly up until the big day.......sometimes having nice nails stops you from biting.
  • I use sally hansen nail growth activator, it comes in a blue bottle for about £7, but its more like an oil, you paint it on and it soaks in, then i use either sally hansen diamond strength or a rimmel one, its called french manicure i cant think what the name is, they do them in pinky coulours so its natural , but its a hardener.

    that seems to work a treat, i do that every week, and this week i forgot and all my nails have now broken. as soon as i start using it again tho, they grow like mad and theyre strong, which is amazing for me because my nails are about as strong as a feather normally!

    try it, it works!!

  • Hi

    I used to have that problem, because I bit my nails they were really weak and flakey. I'd grow them and they'd split and break. But then I decided I'd had enough of stubby nails so when I grew them, I kept them really short and carried a nail file everywhere in my bag. That way, if my nail did start to split, I could file it away. It's worked for me as now my nails have strengthened and are lovely. I can have them longer now without them breaking and all it cost me was the price of a decent nail file and perseverence!

    Hope this helps x
  • Thank you i've been and brought some Sally Hansen growth and stengthen and a nail file. Let the nail growing begin!!
  • i know u said u dont wnt fale nails but if u get a thin layer of gel ( as in gel fake nails) no extension this will strengthen ur nails long enough for them to grow.
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