dark circles

getting married in may 2010 and want to look my best,but i am really worried about the bags under my eyes. I get ever so puffy and look like ive beaten up sometimes!! Apart from concealer what else can i do? Does cucumber really work?


  • Hi

    I have dark circle's not bag's, and have tried

    everything to get rid.

    But to honest nothing less than surgery will cure

    the problem..

    It's to do with the vein's under you skin, that are too

    dark and the skin is thin around the eye, So

    show's up easily.

    Not sure about bag's though, might be easier

    to get rid them.

    Mi x

  • MirellaukMirellauk Posts: 313
    don't know much about bags, but with dark circles I had make-over at Bobbie Brown counter on Saturday, and I ended up with a corrector (which is pink) which you apply first, and then a skin colour matched concealer, and I have to say it really does make a difference. You can still see the 'line' of the circle (if you know what I mean) but in terms of colour it is a LOT less noticeable than any other concealer i've used.
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    Hi Gerri

    I have dark circles too, and sometimes look like Uncle Fester from the Adams Family!!!

    If the problem is dark circles you can disguise it by using a light reflecting concealer, I use Boots No7 Instant Radiance Concealer, and I've heard that Yves St Laurant also do a good one.

    If it's puffiness, Boots do a cucumber eye gel in their essentials range (costs only about £2), which claims to reduce puffiness, but not sure if it actually works. Otherwise try an eye cooler thing that you can put over your eyes.
  • esf_rayesf_ray Posts: 394
    ooh, Cougar, I've got a voucher for a free Bobby Brown makeover, was it any good?
  • I can def recommend Yves St Laurent Touche Eclat... It is fab...

    And I also read that putting some spoons in the freezer for a short time and then placing them on your eyelids help to reduce puffiness!

  • Thanks girls
  • MirellaukMirellauk Posts: 313
    er2bp - it was really good. i didn't actually book it in so it wasn't the 'bridal' make-over, I just went up to the counter and asked for some new tinted moisturiser, and then ended up having the whole works done, and ended up spending quite a bit. But to be honest, I love bobbi brown stuff anyway so i know i'll end up using it. I always wonder if its worth having make-overs at counters, but everytime I do (which is about every five years!) I realise that it really is, as there's new stuff that comes out all the time, and new 'tricks', which you don't hear about otherwise. Sorry to ramble - yes, definitely go for it!
  • Hi there, I hate dark circles and wanted to get a cream or something to do the trick but a lady on the clarins counter said that she doesn't reccomend any cream or product as it is as chaletcrew said it is your viens, the best advice she gave me was to pop teaspoons on the eyes out of a glass of iced water as this cools down the eyes and reduces the darkness. I guess that is why cucumbers are so good as they are cool!! Thats what i do when i have a party or anything! xx
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    Hi there,

    I too have dark circles which always make me look tired. I recently went for a makeover and the lady used the Benefit Lemonade concealer on me underneath the foundation. She told me any concealer with a yellow pigment will help to conceal dark circles. I must say i was impressed with the results as i am mixed white and asian and the results looked fab on my dark skin.
  • Another thumbs up for Bobbi Brown corrector.

    I have purplish circles under my eyes and I always wear this concealer to cover. You can also layer another concealer over the top to get the colour just right for your skin tone - recommend Laura Mercier secret camouflage,


  • yip use bobbi brown corrector then ysl touche clas on top of it deffo the best quick fix finish it off with a dust of loose powder to make sure it lasts the day and does not crack

    x x x
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    YSL Touche Eclat - it's amazing stuff, can't live without mine!! xx
  • SerahukSerahuk Posts: 1,687
    Benefit an 'industrial strength' concealer, think it's called boing and it's amazing stuff.

    I'm also really dark under my eyes and use Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream which helps loads
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    hi , i can totally understand how you are feeling. I am only 32 and everyone use to ask me if i was tired. I had big rings. I have only this week done something about it after trying to use concealer for the past year. I have had a tear trough procedure. I was reading a wedding mag and one person had written in about their dark circles and the person recommended this doctor


    Go to procedures and then tear trough

    I am very happy with the results - it only took 10 minutes and it lasts for 6 months. It is quite costly though.

    Good luckx
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    i use benefits eyecon under eye cream!! you use it ine the morning and at night! within 1-2 weeks the dark circles will be faded!! i think clarins do a similar one!!

    i swear by the benefit stuff though! need to get a new pot though!
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    Yeah i think if its to do with the veins then some ice/frozen spoons or cucumber or cooling eye gel will help to reduce them, i might ice under my eyes a couple of hours before i put my make up on on the big day.

    Also - i have heard YSL touche eclat is fab but doesn't photograph well on the day because it reflects light so under flash is not good, anybody know if thats true?
  • I would recommend Laura Mercier Secret Brigtening concealer and powder. Dab 2 layers of the concelaer under the eyes and set with the powder and your black circles are lessened, particularly in pictures image

    Ans yes Touche Eclait does not photogrpah well as it reflects light so can give you white circles under your eyes.
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