Toni&Guy rant- very long sorry!

I'm so annoyed!

Back in september I got stopped in the high street and signed up to a "pre-paid invitation" valid for 6 months to toni&guy, it cost me £55 but I had just had my birthday so had some cash to spend and thought this sounded like the perfect pamper treat to get me looking gorgeous for my big day in 6 months time.

It allowed me to have conditioning treatment,curling/staightening, wash/finish,hiar up etc, plus half price cut and colour twice. Also half price from certain makeup/beauty treatments, which I have used to get a half price make up trial and was really pleased with it.

However yesterday I went in to have a cut and colour. They were quite busy but said they could fit me in by doing the cut first then colour. Not happy! I asked for layers to give me abit of oomph cus I have been growing my hair and not had it cut for 3 months so it was looking abit flat, Now its really short and looks like he has just hacked bits off- it took him 5 mins to do the cut and 30mins to blowdry and straighten when he knew I was having colour and would have to wash it again!!! Then when it came to the colour I had a different guy and he said "oh where's all your hair gone? There's nothing left! It still looks nice but........." I was like cheers "but what"!! I mean talk about making me feel like crap! The whole process took 3 hours and would normally take less than 2 in my usual salon. Plus I was kept waiting for half hour cus they were running late. I asked for coffee twice and never got any, they never used and heat protection spay or product so after being blowdryed twice,stuck under a dryer and straightened twice my hair feels like straw today!! I cant believe for such a top salon I got treated like this- I thought I was gonna feel good about myself after being pamperd but I feel awful. I ended up paying more for this terrible experience than I would normally pay in my usual high street salon. Gutted. I have ripped up the card and will not be going back.

DONT GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!



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    o dear! has it got time to grow before wedding?

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    hi.. sorry to hear this! I never go to big name salons as my view is that they tend to operate more on the basis of the shop being a factory rather than a place of calm like I think it should be.. and they are overpriced. It annoys me when people assume hairdressers have to be good/designed, because they work for a big name salon. I know this doesn't help you , but perhaps go somewhere local to you and explain that you dont like your hair and why? hopefully they will be able to spend a bit of time with you to get something sorted, and will be a more relaxing experience.

    I post a few things in big budget brides and there are a lot of mentions of brands/labels/salons etc, and it gets me quite frustrated because I know people who have had bad experiences in the past. yet the branding still gets people through the door...even though I have cash to spend, i always try to see past this... Don't go back and well done for posting in here to share your rubbish experience!
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    Tony and Guy is a franchise so it's VERY hit and miss with the quality of the cut and service which is why i would only go to one that i had had personally recommended by someone.
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    Thanks guys, I feel better for getting it off my chest. I will certainly think twice about going for big names and just stick with what Im happy with.

    ia001160 - my wedding is 28th feb 09 so it should be ok for then x
  • I'm so sorry to hear that. I love tony and guy and ive been to 4 different salons. I hope feeling better. There is nothing better than a good old rant

    Sarah xx
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    I used to go to Tony and Guy but got totally fed up with most of the stylists being up their own arses.

    I got to an Aveda concept salon now in Newcastle Upon Tyne. It's a very customer service focussed experience. It's not cheap, but the products and service are fantastic.

    Ditch T&G I say and check out another salon.

    Aveda are especially good as their products are kinder to nature also.
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    I have a friend who went to Toni & Guy (she had been booked in as a birthday treat by her mum). She is a teacher and when she got there they washed her hair and found she had nits! Very embarrassing at the best of times but the girl doing her hair was really rude and shouted it out in front of everyone and she couls see her smirking with her friends in the mirror! She was then told they couldn't do anything until the nits were gone (fair enough) but made her walk through town with soaking wet hair (wouldn't even let her use a hair dryer or towel)!!! She never went back and word of mouth is quite a big thing when it comes to negativity!

    Like some others have said all the shops are different and I'm sure most people get on fine with it but I know I would nver use them because of this incident.

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    Miss Feb - that's rubbish - there's nothing worse than going to what you think it a nice salon with reputable name and come out feeling like Poo!!!! I think you should call up - you don't have to complain but just to state your disappointment in the service.

    LoveMy Dress - I love the Aveda concept salons used to go to one a few years ago until I moved. Great service! xx
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    I had a terrible haircut in Toni & Guy 13 years ago and won't go back still! I had dreadful hair - it was in awful condition, loads of split ends and frizzy as hell down to my elbows and I decided that I wanted it cropped really short (boy short really). They told me that it wouldn't suit me and cut my hair to the top of my ears and then blow dried it back off my face so I had a granny hair cut (at the age of 17). The following week I went to another salon, had the granny hair chopped off so I had a sleek gamine crop and have kept my hair this short for the past 13 years! It definitely does suit me!

    I get peed off that they think they are artists, not people being paid to provide a service and that you are a customer asking for what you need, not what they want to give you. I would never recommend it to anyone!
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    Write a letter of complaint to the manager, they should be told about the shocking service, and you should request a refund too!
  • i wouldn't go there again either, i went to one a while ago and wanted my hair white blonde, they turned it pink! i nearly cried in the middle of the salon and they just ignored it and said it would be fine once it was dry! sooo wrong, it was still pink after they washed it twice again! finally went after the third wash and 4 hours in the salon, but i left with no apology and no discount! i'm not one for trying to cheap out of things but still, the offer might have been nice! totally understand what you mean, don't go unless its a reccommendation! x

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    Hmm Toni and Guy train uo their own staff to become Hairdressers, i think its best to go to a salon where the stylists are trained in college s they get better training.

    The Nits thing - well yes they can go no further when they are discovered. Work hads to stop and it cant be dried etc.. because of infecting others, as for shouting it out is very unprofessional and I can only assume these people where just out of school.
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