Hair and make up in Sussex

Hi Girls i wonder if anyone can help....

Im getting married next oct and im having a bit of a problem in finding a good hair dresser or make up artist.

At first i considered doing my own make up but then had a re-think and thought i could get nervous on the morning and bodge it up!!!!

Iv found a company and they seem fantastic but very pricy, a hair trail and make up trial for me, and hair and make up for me and moh on the day also blow dry for mums total £500.

is it just me or is that super pricy.

does anyone one know of any great hair stylist or make up artists in sussex, im getting married in Horsham

thanx :\?

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  • AmyEmilyCAmyEmilyC Posts: 426
    I can highly recommend

    She is a very experienced and talented hair and makeup artist who covers Sussex.
  • Hi there

    I have a couple of ideas for you; very good at make up, saw her at a wedding fair.

    Colours in Motion

    182, King Edward Avenue, Worthing, West Sussex BN14 8DL

    Tel: 07986 970804

    Done my hair and I also got married in Horsham.

    What date is your wedding as I can ask the lady who done my make - up for you (Im sure she wouldnt charge to much either)

    can see my hair on

  • Fab thankyou so much, i had a sneaky peek at your pics as we looked at Mannings Heath, were getting married on the 3rd october at Ghyll Manor.

    Im just getting super organised now as people seem to get booked fairly quick.

    Ps, your wedding s pics are gorgeous
  • Would you like me to ask my friend about wedding make-up for you? She is trained in make-up but just doesnt do it for a living.

    Ghyll Manor is beautiful, I hope you have fun planning and have a fab day.x
  • no i dont mind at all, iv sent off for a few quotes, but there would be 3 lots of make up to do on the morning and a trial for me,


    Emma : )
  • VassVass Posts: 535
    Hi there! I'm getting married in Horsham too. September 2009. I've always loved Ghyll Manor and was an option we considered.

    For make up I am using a girl called Leola who I met at a local wedding fayre recently...

    Have you picked your forist yet?

  • Just so you dont think I have forgotten, I have asked my friend however she is currently in Brazil. Sorry.
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