Wedding hairdressers in Cheltenham or gloucester?

Hi Girls

I only ever go to the hairdressers when i NEED to! lol I need to find on that can do my wedding hair and also that of my 7 bridesmaids and mum.

If anyone has any recommendations I woudl be so grateful.



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    Oh me too!!! getting married not far from chelt and thats where I grew up however havent lived there for quite a few years! any suggestions would be fab!

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    Hi I'm from those parts too, Pina at Toni & Guy in Cheltenham is doing my hair she is fab fab fab!!! Martin & Phelps on Regent Street in Chelt have a good wedding team too.

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    Thanks for that Griff2b wil investigate!

    Dont suppose you know a fab but reasonable florist in the area too?? xx
  • Hi girls!! One of the hardest things I found about leaving Canada to come here was leaving my hairdresser! I have been going to him for 7 years now and he 'knows' my hair and is SO fab at colouring jobs as well. I searched high and low for the best hairdresser and I found a girl named Sam, she had her own salon Samiad Hair next to M&S food but just shut it down as she doesn't want to deal with the stress of an owner and manager! Anyhoo, she is now renting a chair from Vanilla on Cambray Place off of the high street in Chelts. i highly highly recommend her! She actually specializes in wedding hair! 01242 228 228 She has had many years of experience but is still young enough (under 30) to know what brides want and current trends, etc...and she is a bride to be herself so if very exciting to speak to! She also comes to the venue if its not too far off!

    Florist wise, Cheltenham is SOOOOOOOOO expensive! I got a quote from a lady in Gloucester that was £350 less than some of the places in Cheltenham! She does it from her home, and the website isn't the greatest but she purchases directly from the grower rather than the wholesaler so they are fresher and cheaper! Her portfolio is fab as well! Her name is Stacey-Anne. She is young and loves trying new things and incorporates your ideas SO much! Hope this helps!
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    Canadian bride you are a STAR!!

    thanks so much - going to check these out

    big hugs xxx
  • Thanks for the info girls image
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