On the day - what first??

Hi, get married on saturday! image

thought I would write myself a plan of the morning to keep me on orgainsed. image

Has anyone got a plan that they can share? Or just a brief breakdown of what you do first and when?

is make up or hair first, how long after perfume/deo do you put dress on??



  • Just in the process of doing my plan (I am going to list EVERYTHING or I will forget to put on mascara/earrings/knickers etc image ) so when it's finished I'll let you see.

    Keep changing it though because I can't decide whether to bathe before or after breakfast. Before would be better time-wise but after would be better feeling-wise. Grrrrrrr
  • winkypotwinkypot Posts: 402
    Oh god I've not even thought about this! I've not got a clue so will be watching replies to this thread like a hawk!!!

    I'll be getting married abroad with just my sister for help and having to do makeup and hair myself...

    I guess the makeup goes on first, and then the dress and then the hair??
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    i ad my hair done first, then make up then drress
  • Because we're going away and I'm getting ready on my own, I'm needing to write EVERYTHING in step-by-step instructions!

    Still doing it now!

    It goes something like

    1. put on primer

    2. put on eye primer

    3. apply foundation in very thin layer

    4. apply concealer and leave to set

    5. re-touch any foundation needed

    etc etc etc image image
  • Have your hair done first for two reasons: makeup needs to look as fresh as possible so the later it's done, the better and heat from dryers, hairspray etc can ruin makeup.
  • BuntybearBuntybear Posts: 135
    Thanks everyone! purplebutterfly, I really should do this but I would never follow it, I know vaguley how I am going to do my make up - that is enough for me at the mo. Will prob have mad panic tomorrow night as I get dress tomoz and want to have trial run through of outfit!

    3 days to go!
  • higgyuk1higgyuk1 Posts: 1,225
    I'm going to do hair, then make-up and lastly dress, as I'm so clumsy I'm bound to spill something on my dress, so not putting it on till the very last minute!! x
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