make up in herts or essex

Hi all

I am getting married 3rd october 2009 in essex but live in herts

Can anyone recommend a make up artist for this area???

Also I am a little confused how these things works, do you have a trial with a makeup artist and then choose to go ahead with them or once you have a trial are you commited to using them?



  • Hi!

    I had the same problem, i'm in essex just outside of herts. Have a look at someone on here showed me it, theres loads of hair and make up artists in essex and herts on there.

    You shouldn't be commited to them. Most seem to book your trial and then ask for a deposit on the day of trial to secure your wedding date but only if you're 100% happy with everything. Just make sure you ask them.

    Hope this helps, good luck!!
  • emalou55emalou55 Posts: 237
    When you book a makeup artist they will normally ask for a deposit to secure the date , then this will be deducted from your trial and then normally if you are happy with everything and would like to go ahead with the booking you will then pay 50% of your wedding day cost.

    Also i can highly recommend Juie cunnington she is really good you will be able to find more infomation on her website at

    She will also be able to recommend freelance hairdressers if you looking , hope it helps

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