How can i have my hair for my Cyprus Wedding?? Help!!!

I have been looking for months now and just can't seem to find any styles on any websites. My sister is doing my hair as she is a hairdresser but keeps mithering me to come up with an idea so we can practice. My hair is above shoulder length at the moment it was a pob (victoria Beckham) and she reckons it will just below my shoulders. It's really getting to me now and driving me nuts. xx


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    Hi mrssalder2b,

    I have realised no one has answered your post so I thought I'd reply!

    I am also getting married in Cyprus next September. Its not as hot in that month as it is in June, July and August but it is still hot so I would recommend you have your hair slightly away from your face, ideally all up because you can sweat and your hair will get frazzled anyway. When are you getting married?

    Try this website. There are loads on here and you are bound to find one:

    Good luck

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    see above
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    I would totally agree with having it up! Most of my family live in Cyprus so I've spent a lot of time there at all times of the year and you will get all sweaty with it down. Depending on where you're getting married you may get rather dusty as well if you're marrying in the summer months.

    We're having a civil wedding here next Feb but will also be having a Greek Orthodox blessing and second reception in my grandfather's village in Cyprus in April 2010.
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