Nails on the big day....

Good afternoon ladies

I was just wondering if anyone was steering away from the traditional french manicure for their nails on the big day??

I keep changing my mind between having a french polish (my own nails are long enough to be painted) or going for a deep red (which I love!). My dress is a darkish red, so I don't know if this will compliment or blend in with the dress?

Would also love a few rhinestones to sparkle in the light and draw attention to the hands and ring! image

Just wondering what all you other lovely ladies are doing with your nails for the big day.



PS - If anyone knows of any good (non-oily) handcream, I would also be very grateful!


  • I think i'm going with the traditional french polish, at least i will be when i've had a full set of nails applied, mine are awful.

    i like the idea of the deep red, its something different, but i'd be worried that colour wouldn't go (i've got red in my dress too, the bodice at least).

    Like the idea of the sparkle though!
  • MrsKP_MrsKP_ Posts: 2,035
    I use neutrogena hand cream which works well. The concentrate stuff. image

    I have had a few french polish's but I've never been really impressed with one, so I'm unsure on whether to just go for one colour. I'll probably go for a pale colour if I have just one.
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