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Help! No idea what to do!

Hi all

I always thought I'd have my hair down as my fiance prefers it like that, but I fell in love with a fantastic, floor length veil which is just the icing on the cake with my dress and now the hairdresser thinks I won't be able to have my hair down because I'll need a style to support the weight of the veil!

Any ideas what sort of hair I could have? I've looked at tons of websites and can't find anything I like...I'd want the veil covering my hair rather than be underneath the 'do, so maybe something low down would be better? My hair is straight and comes down to my back bra strap (the fastener bit, not the arm strap).

This is my dress

And my tiara

I don't have a pic of the veil yet, but it's a floor length, white, centre gathered veil with Swarovski crystals scattered all over it. It's just a simple cut edge, no edging/ribbon on it.

Any thoughts would be very gratefully received! Wedding's in February and now I'm panicking what to do!

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  • suziburgersuziburger Posts: 1,312
    Hi smoosh, you need to click in the IMG button before you put there the image location and again after thatimage

    I am planning to have my hair down and have a chapel lenght veil and a tiara. i do really like your dress and think it needs the hair down, very angelic look image
  • SmooshukSmooshuk Posts: 150
    Thanks for that Suzi - I'm a technical dope! image

    Did you hairdresser think that your veil will stay in ok with your hair down?
  • suziburgersuziburger Posts: 1,312
    how about something like this:

    but have no idea how to attach the veil there .......
  • suziburgersuziburger Posts: 1,312
    she didn't said there would be a problem. before your thread i didn't think about it but now ........
  • SmooshukSmooshuk Posts: 150
    That was the sort of thing I was planning to have! I showed her a pic and she said it's nice, but you won't find a pic of a bride with a floor length veil with her hair down because it just won't stay! ARGH!
  • suziburgersuziburger Posts: 1,312
    i really thing it can be done, just ask few other haidressers,!
  • higgyuk1higgyuk1 Posts: 1,225
    My friend had a long veil with most of her hair down, just a few of the side bits taken up to hold the veil comb in and lots of pins and hairspray to get the veil wedged securely in place!! We were all gassed by the hairdresser she sprayed so much!! xx image

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  • If you take a few bits of hair and twist them into little "knots" on top of your head, then secure them with pins, it will give the veil comb something to grip.

    Or, depending on your hair type, if you just backcomb and hairspray the underneath of the crown hair, the veil comb should wedge in quite firmly.

    The last option is to attach it to your tiara, depending on where you are wearing your tiara

    Try another hairdresser hun, it IS possible and I think you really should have your hair down because it will suit the dress AND you will feel more comfortable
  • verlieukverlieuk Posts: 1,328
    http://C:\Users\Verlie\Pictures\KEEP OUT

    Hope this works. I'm having something like this with a chapel train and my hairdresser said it is fine as long as their is enough hair to hold the comb.
  • verlieukverlieuk Posts: 1,328
    Grrrrrr didn't work
  • Would this not work for a long veil?

  • verlieukverlieuk Posts: 1,328

    See if it works now....
  • verlieukverlieuk Posts: 1,328
    Ah ha yes it worked so my hairdresser is doing something like this on me with a full length train.
  • Just though have a look at this thread because Emil_Biscuit had a full length veil and I thought her hair was down (but its half up half down) and looks really beautiful.

    (P.S - Emily_Biscuit hope u don't mind me using your thread! lol)
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    I was going to suggest a half up, half down do. That way you get both x
  • SmooshukSmooshuk Posts: 150
    Thanks for the advice everyone, maybe I just need to stick to my guns and ask for a second (and third and fourth!) hairdresser's opinion!

    Emily Biscuit's hair is exactly like I wanted mine and her veil is the same length, so clearly it can be done! image
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