Hair advice needed! Pics now added

I can't seem to make up my mind! Had always envisioned a hollywood glamour hairstyle to go with my theme but am being a tad rail roaded into a typical bridal updo by the hairdresser. I don't like having my hair up and off my face, I very rarely put it up. However I like Naomi Watts hairstyles so have got two. A curly bob which I would wear a fascinator with or a loose up do which I would get a vintage clip for. However I really need advice. My hair is shoulder length and fine. Here are some pictures (I am the one in the blue v neck jumper!) for you to get an idea of what I am talking about!

Do you think

a) I could so this with my hair


b) does it go with the dress (I will also be wearing a shrug in a fine lace)

Thanks in advance

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  • UlrikaukUlrikauk Posts: 329
    I love that hairstyle, and it would look great.

    I am no hairdresser, but I have been doing my hair in 40's/50's style for a few years now. I would strongly recommend heated rollers (I can't live without mine) and lots and lots of Elnet hairspray. Also, if you have fine hair I would not wash it on the day, but the night before.

    Good luck, I think you will look beautiful.

  • lucyjuklucyjuk Posts: 223
    I think that idea is beautiful and will look great on you. If the hairdresser won't/can't do what you want you might have to look for a different one?


  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    I think both would go lovely with the dress! (is it jessica by Maggie?) xx
  • ailsamfailsamf Posts: 459
    I love these hair styles - I think either would look good - I prefer the one sweeper to the side but that's just my preference. I think you could do this yourself - bu like elle-Jay said maybe look at another hairdresser . It's so easy to get swept along with what they advise that sometimes we forget our own ideas!

    I've got fine hair too and anytime I've styled it myself it often flops , I've had it done for a few weddings when I was bridesmaid and it held all day - it was with a soft curl in it and it had been set in heated rollers like Ulrika said.

    Have fun trying it out x
  • HopiukHopiuk Posts: 56
    Hi there, I really love both hairstyles, however, I think the second one has something magical about it. I would definitely go for the second one. It is much more special!!

    btw. really lovely dress you picked
  • Thanks girlies, I have been told by the hairdresser I will need heated rollers. I'm just worried it will not hold all day.

    Happytimes - the dress is maggie's Grace Lynette
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