Split ends....

Hi ladies,

Im just wandering if anyone has any advice om how to minimise/reduce/get rid of (apart from cutting off....) split ends?

I am trying to grow my layers out, but have a few split ends and I dont know what the best thing to do with them is!

Any advice would be greatly apreciated!!





  • SerahukSerahuk Posts: 1,687
    I've got aful split ends due to my obsesssion with my GHD'S! I use Bed Head split ender mender and I've got an intensive conditioning mask from GHD that I stick on once a week for a couple of hours or if possibe overnight
  • i use toni and guy dont know exactly what its called but its in a clear tube with pink writing on it, but be careful because you can really only pt it on your ends as its quite greasy, but it works a treat image otherwise i use the john frieda either blonde or brunette depending on what colour i am serum its all glitzy and puts an amazing shine on your hair, its not as greasy as the toni + guy one but it doesnt last as long as it. hope ive helped!! xx
  • hels1983hels1983 Posts: 303
    The green kerastase range - they rebuild hair and theres nothing like them on the market.

    Theyre pricey tho and im just putting off buying more myself but my hair is going down hill without it! All the hairdressers i have had have recommended this and it does definetly help.x
  • dbowmanukdbowmanuk Posts: 112
    I agree with hels1983 I've just started using kerastase products and my hair feels great. They really do make your colour last longer aswell. sometimes if i'm really bored I put conditioner in my hair and leave it for a few hours:\)
  • hmmm, I used to use the green Kerastase range, but switched to the orange range since i found it was really heavy on my hair. Maybe I'll just get the green conditioner and combine that with orange shampoo or vice versa...
  • cloe1981cloe1981 Posts: 779
    i am a Hair and Beauty therapist and can recommend Loreal series expert absolut repair conditioning mask. I cant recommend it highly enough. I use these with my clients and many top salons use these products. They smell great too.
  • cldbcldb Posts: 638
    I used to be a hairdresser and if you already have split eds then there is no solution but to have your hair trimmed. The longer you leave your hair with split ends the worse they will get, as they travel up your hair and weaken it. If you havent got split ends but are just trying to prevent them then, invest in a decent heat protection spray, condition your hair well and treat yourself to the odd conditioning treatment, oh n dont forget a regular trim, This doesnt have to be every six weeks if your trying to grow it but obviously dont leave it 6 to 12 months before your next cut. Hope this helps x
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