Help!! I suffer from a spotty back and my dress is strapless

I am really worried. I suffer from spots on my back. I have tried all medications, but none seem to help what can I do?? I am too embarrassed to wear strappy tops in the summer so how am I going to manage with my dress which is strapless?? Please help!!image


  • Snap! My doctor has prescribed me Dianette - it's a contraceptive pill, also used for acne. They often only let you have it for 6 months at a time. It really does work - i can testify to that. It can have side effects for some people, which can include loss of libido, but I have been fine on it, and it has improved my skin to the point where you would never know I ever had spots.
  • I have that problem too. I've found the best thing for me is to totally change my diet - in about ten days my skin was sparkling from head to toe. I just did the Carol Vordeman detox - but I think anything that cuts out (wait for it) sugar, meat, diary, wheat, alcohol and caffiene can help. That means no processed foods (ready meals etc) - lots of vegetables and pulses and fruit. Its tough and the food is fairly gross, but its worth it, I think!

    The other thing you can do, which I'm doing, is to have a lace shrug/bolero jacket. That way, if I do have spots, I'll keep the shrug on all day. image

  • Hi I used to suffer from spots on my back which was annoying as I didn't get them any where else. Any way now i have one of those big back scrubbers from boots with the long handles so i can reach all the way down my back and every morning I scrub my back gently using this brush lathered up with dettol antiseptic soap it really has cleared my spots up. Oh I also try to drink plenty of water as that helps too.

    Hope this helps X
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    Have you tried Zineryt? I tried everything and then my dr prescribed that and it worked wonders. I now use it for 2 months every 10 months or so to keep on top of the problem. Highly recommend it. xx
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