Im REALLY panicking !! Please help me !!

Im getting married next September so i thought i had plenty of time to book my hair and make-up artist, iv got quite a specific look that i want and found a website that did exactly that, i called her and she was already booked on my wedding day:\(

So, i searched the internet once again and found another lady who looked fab, i called her and she is booked too !! I had another search and the same thing happened again !!

Iv been searching and seraching and have found nothing !! And the one's i do like are already booked !!

Im DESPERATELY searching for a hair and make-up artist in Essex.

Can anyone help me please !!

From a VERY stressed B2Bimage


  • littlelynsuklittlelynsuk Posts: 2,276
    Oh no!!! I'm sorry I don't have any advice but oh nooooooooo!!!! I thought it would be so easy to sort our hair and make up and I'm getting married two months before you!!!! Rahhhhh have to go!!!

    Runs around in a panic!!!!

    Good luck!!! xxxxxxxxx
  • db3ukdb3uk Posts: 59

    My sister-in-law to be is a make-up artist and she lives in Essex!

    Her name is Vivienne and her no. is 07796 172021. I'm sure she'll be able to help you if she's free that day and she's lovely!

    Hope that helps. x
  • wherabouts in essex?
  • Nat81Nat81 Posts: 84
    I had a make up and hair artist that works in tv and photography. She travels all over the country and is really good. She's called Cat no.07970079373

    Good look
  • JOB1982JOB1982 Posts: 194
    Thanks girls, ill call them on the weekend!!

    Nat81, does she have a website ?? Or do you have any pics of their work ??

    sabbath, Im from Rainham in Essex

  • Hey what look are you going for? where do you live? i may be able to help?! x
  • joanna01ukjoanna01uk Posts: 1,093
    Arrggh I am getting married next September, suppose I better hop to it!
  • yebbaukyebbauk Posts: 61
    Have you tried Chic & Unique Bridal Make Up & Beauty? She is based in chelmsford and is really nice.

  • Have you tried the Rose Room in Billericay?

  • MrsKP_MrsKP_ Posts: 2,035
    What's your budget?

    Kit Hall and Sam White cover most of Essex. Their website is

    They've done a lot of media work and are both amazing. I'm using Kit for my wedding day hair/make-up, had my trial a couple of weeks ago and loved it. She comes highly recommended off many people on this forum!

    Hope that helps. x
  • Nat81Nat81 Posts: 84
    Hi Joanne

    I think she's she does have a website but I'm sure she said she was updating it for november, but i'm sure if you email her she'll send some pics of her work to you
  • JOB1982JOB1982 Posts: 194
    lisa-marie4: the look im going for make-up wise, is quite dramatic smokey eyes, nothing too heavy but with false lashes to really open my eyes, and quite nude, pale pink lips !!

    My Budget is no more than £250 for hair and make-up inc trials. And ideally i would like to have 1 person who can do both !!

    Nat81, have you got her email address and ill email her...thanks !!

    Thanks for all the help girls, you may have just saved my life !! Keep em coming !!

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