Dark rings under eyes?

This is the thing about my face that niggles at me the most, everything else I'm fine with as I have learnt how to do my make up to accentuate the best bits and hide the worst (!!!) but I always find I get darkish rings under the eyes, which I can't cover up - I don't like to go heavy with foundation either so its hard!

Has anyone found that by simply drinking water this helps? I don;t drink much, I should but I don't...does dehydration make it worse?

Thanks! - Tanya


  • OOOHHH I have the same problem.....it is a pain in the back side....sleep helps and no late nights!!!!

    Yes drinking water helps I don't drink much either and really should...

    there is a product by Space UK called...Hylexin

    STRIVECTIN it is £75 tho it is sposed to be the best on the market....it has come down it was £100 when I looked last year....may treat my self nearer the wedding in oct 09...see link below..


    Hope this helps...
  • LivvynLivvyn Posts: 253
    I suffer from the same problem...inherited from my mum.

    I buy her something every year for xmas which really helps her, and I use it when I need to (before wedding for sure!)

    Its by Benefit and its called EyeCon - its around £22 for a tiny pot - but you dont tend to use a lot and it lasts my mum the year.

    Its great stuff and you can see the benefits within a few weeks.

    Give it a go! xx
  • I tried EyeCon and it didn't do very much for me - has anyone tried this Hylexin stuff - £75 is a lot to spend if it does nothing!
  • i have the same problem (i think its my job) and drinking water does help but i recently got some Benefit Erase Paste and although i do not usually wear make up, apart from mascara, i was hugely impressed!
  • I too suffer with dark circles under my eyes and puffiness. As well as using an eye gel morning and night, and mainly drinking water, I try to follow an old wives tale of sleeping on 2 to 3 pillows - apparently this is supposed to reduce puffiness and circles. Only problem is it's not very good for reducing that double chin...which I can also suffer from...so I find myself alternating between 1 pillow and a stack of pillows...depending on what's worse on that day!!!

    Good luck in your quests to find a solution!
  • I too have this problem and want to look my best on my wedding day. I recently bought Liz Earle eye repair and i think it has worked slightly. U only need a very small bit and u gently blend it around the eye contours. It works by lightening the dark circles and then u can put concealer on if u want. I have heard that putting cool teabags on your eyes can help because of the caffeine and also not staying up late to write on wedding forums also works!! lol i could sit here all night reading this stuff!
  • DermalMD serum the leaves the skin around my eyes feeling cool and refreshed...awesome eye serum!

  • Cat93Cat93 Posts: 109 New bride

    so this suggestion is going to sound totally odd but hear me out - I have tried it and I do believe it does work!!!! 

    A patient at work once suggested that I tried pile cream (yes yes I know) under the eyes every night for a week or so and see how I got on she swears by it for lots of ailments!!! 

    So I did some research and I do believe it could actually work as Anusol (which is the pile cream) restricts blood flow and therefore makes the skin lighter!!!! 

    I gave it a go for one night only to see if I thought it made a difference and I honestly think it did!!! I only used a v smalll amount and it did sting a little when I put it on but for £3 a tube it is definitely worth giving  a go?! 

  • Honestly try the Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer. It will change your life!! The corrector is either a pink or peach colour (depending on your under eye circles) and this hides the dark tones and bags. Then the concealer goes over the top to blend it into your skin tone. Game changing product! x

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