Bangs/Fringe? Anyone growing them out for wedding?

I've got some bangs. Only recently. They really suit me but I suit without too.

Everyone keeps saying I should grow them out for a more classic look for my wedding.

I'd like an updo you see - or tumbling curls all pinned back. So a fringe would look out of place for me.

Anyone else got 'bangs' and growing them out for your wedding?


  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    What are bangs?/
  • I have bangs as well, but I plan on keeping them! They suit me much more, as my hairline comes into a bit of a 'V' and I think I look like a vampire! lol...

    I know I have had them and grown them out over the years many times, and it takes AGES to grow them out, VERY annoying as well! There are many updos with fringe that look AWESOME! And if the fringe is long enough they can pin it back. Don't listen to what everyone else says about a more 'classic' look, do what you want!

    Amore, bangs are what you call fringe!
  • Morning Amore - 'bangs' is the american word for 'fringe'. Isn't it great!!

    I love my fringe! But I think I'm going to grow it out.

    I wore my hair in a parting last night, using two clips either side. It actually looked ok.

    I've got six or seven months before my wedding.. they reckon hair grows half an inch a month so I should have three inches on it! And it will turn into my usual side parting!

    Yes fringes look good and so gorgeous with updos! I've been doing it quite a lot recently. But it's a bit tough with me as my hair is very thick and curly and I have to GHD my bangs. Sometimes they look odd compared to the rest of my hair.. But when I've got my hair all tied back, that's when my bangs look better!

  • CanadianBride! I've changed my mind! I'm KEEPING my bangs!! Ha ha! image xxx
  • cloe1981cloe1981 Posts: 779
    Also known as Bangs in Canada - In other words 'Fringe', if your in UK.
  • LOL Pink Panther, i didn't expect that that's for sure!!! haha. they will look fab, trendy as well! I am not one for looking like a classic bride, want to be different! I think bangs, when cut right, are sexy and sassy and give your hair some personality! You will look fab!!
  • Haha! Thanks CanadianBride!! I think so too! I like how when I pull my hair into a ponytail, my bangs help frame my face and look like I've made an effort!

    It's effortless styling I tell thee! Love it! And I'm going to have my hair styled in an Audrey Hepburyn chignon with tiara and fringe! image Yay! xxx
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