Hairdressers and Makeup Perth, Scotland, please help!!!!!!!!


Im wondering if anyone can help me? Im getting married next August in Perth and I desperately need to find a good hairdresser who preferably does makeup aswell.....Im living in Bristol at the moment so this is really difficult for me as I have no idea of any good hairdressers in Perth. Would any of you lovely ladies be able to help me and recommend anyone?

If anyone has any idea of the cost I am going to be looking at aswell, i would be greatful!

Thanks for all of your help in advance! image


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    my post disappeared. where are you getting married? are you/h2b from perth?

    i live in perth. i am having my hair done in toni&guy, hazel is fabby. makeup lady i am using is mobile&was recommended to me by another bride. i can give you a number for makeup girl if you are interested.

    i amn't sure as i don't use these places but i think they do hair&makeup- charlie taylor, copperfields&the cutting room.

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  • you know how much Toni&Guy are charging?

    I'm getting married in Dunkeld, and there is only one hairdresser there that I know of....and their prices are pretty steep.

    I would maybe consider going into perth for the morning to get it done
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    i thought toni&guy was quite expensive. my sister had her hair curled and i had mine put up was £74. but that was with the manager/senoir stylist.
  • The place in dunkeld is charging £75 each for our trials, and £60 each for the day....

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    wow, ok maybe toni&guy's not that expensive after all!
  • I've just phoned toni & guy and changed to them!!!

    Thanks image
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    ha ha. are you getting married in the hilton?
  • Yes! I hadn't even thought about trying a hairdresser in perth....but glad I changed now, and it will only be a 20min drive at the most
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    i have friend who married there in august, they were very impressed with it. good luck, xx
  • Ang772, thanks so much for your help!

    Im getting married in Forgandenny and Im having the reception at Murrayshall House Hotel. I used to live in Perth when I was small which is why I want to get married there, but I have been away for ages now!

    If you could email me the number of the lady that is mobile that would be great!

    I think I will give Toni and Guy a call, that sounds like a reasonable price!
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    hello bunnyschnuggles, what a small world, my parents live in forgandenny!!

    your email button isn't on. if you want to email me [email protected] i will give you her number xx
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