Doing own make up

Is anyone else doing their own make up for their wedding?

I don't like to wear very much, but I know you need more than usual for the photos... My hairdresser has offered me the hair and make up package, but every time I've had someone else do my make up (even when I had a MAC make over!) I've ended up looking like Eddie Izzard!

I have to be at my venue by 11.30am and I just know if they do it horribly I'll get myself all in a stress trying to get it off and then reapply!

Do you think it's ok to do my own???


  • im doing my own make up and im a beauty therapist what i would say is do you own but maybe do a few trial runsa few days before make sure you get a foundation to match your skin tone and make it natural
  • SmooshukSmooshuk Posts: 150
    I've got a foundation that works well for me, so hopefully that'll be fine. It's just when I get it done somewhere else they seem to do it like a drag queen, with eyeshadow right up to my eyebrows, lipliner about 40 shades darker than the lipstick etc etc! Eek!
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