Bun if my H2B doesn't like them?

I have been looking at hairstyles forever now! I had my heart set on Eva Longoria's style because my H2B said that he finds bun's terrifying!

However, I have long dark hair and would quite like a loose, side bun on the day with some loose strans on the fringe etc!

Would any of you go with your heart if you knew that your H2B had said that he really doesn't like them???


  • DandMDandM Posts: 1,788
    Maybe ask him what he doesnt like about them, and show him a couple of piccys,

    I know my h2b doesn't like "tight" buns, but loves it if my hair is in a bun but with lots of loose bits hanging down - maybe its a similar thing with ur h2b? And when he thinks of a bin he thinks of something different to what ur thinking of!?
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