Anyone been for a MAC make up trial?

Hi there, I have my mac makeup trial next week and I am just wondering if anyone has any feedback on either the trials or the products themselves?

I have been for a trial at Bobbi Brown and was really disappointed. I left looking shiny and as if I had no make up on. When I went back to work, people asked if I was ill!! image

I went for one at Prescriptives as well and left looking a bit like Amy Winehouse. Had to scrub it all off in the loos before I could even venture out of the store.

My skin isnt perfect and I really do want make up that will give me good coverage but not look like I am in drag on the big day!! I just want a really good base and everthing else very natural. Any info would be much appreciated!


  • funnyfaceukfunnyfaceuk Posts: 4,251
    Mine is tomorrow, so will post back with details then!

    But have had the girls do my make up on the top floor when I was choosing foundation and I was really impressed. You have to be very clear with what you want. I like really matt skin and the girl did my make up perfectly.

    With MAC you pay £25 and have an hour with them, and the money you pay is redeemable off all of the products. I was told to bring along pics of the make up that I'm after.

    What sort of look are you after?

  • Hi funnyface, it would be great if you would. I have always worn a full face of makeup.....except in the summer when I have some natural colour, because I am quite pale!! I do want a natural but long lasting base, neutral brown, taupe, cream eyeshadows with liner and lashings of mascara, was going to get false eyelashes but Im a cryer so have ruled them out lol and just pale gloss for my lips. I have never worn lipstick, Im definetely a gloss girl and some light blush to add some warmth to my cheeks. I think I will bring pics with me to trial just to be clear. What are you asking them for?? xx
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    Hi I had a MAC trial a while back and was so pleased with it I booked the girl for my wedding. I'm really pale - in the summer I get a bit of colour to the point I'm like a 'normal' white person ha ha. You seem to have a good idea what you want so just tell the girl what you would like. I had my trial done in the morning and left it on until bedtime to see how it lasted and it looked just as fresh, I was really impressed!

  • OOh thats encouraging MissClarry, thanks.

    I'm a bit apprehensive about this trial. The girls at the counter all look like models and I feel positively old and dowdy even looking round the counters lol!
  • Hi Mrs Gray2be,

    I wear quite a lot of Mac makeup and I do love the foundations from there but they do tend to have a shine after a few hours of applying them, I'd see how your skin works with the make up they use on you to see if it does this on you as well. I find putting powder on top to stop this makes my make up to heavy.

    The big thing for me is dark circles under my eyes which I know I'll have on my wedding day as I'll be far to excited to sleep. I use benefit erase paste with my mac foundation and I look like I've had my full 8 hours! It's great for any kind of redness as well.

    Good luck, I'll be really interested to find out how it goes.

    Vicky x
  • Hi Vicky44, thanks for this. I might try this Erase Paste as well. I have always stayed clear of Benefit as am baffled by the benetint (I think only good if you have good skin to begin with) and I am sooo rubbish with all the moonbeam,...high beam things. I got loads of stuff from benefit last year as a gift and I havent used half of it as end up looking like Ziggy Stardust! I will let you know how I get on lol. Do you know I tried the ID Bare Minerals make up as I thought this would be the most natural and easy to apply stuff to get - I am ALLERGIC to it!! i didnt think you could BE allergic to mineral makeup!!
  • Hi Mrs Gray 2be,

    I have to admit I don't buy much from benefit but I found this great and some of the eyeshadows are quite nice and really long lasting. I really struggle with foundation as I am really fair and normally look like I've been tangoed if I get the wrong colour. Just thinking back when I first started using mac foundation it looked great in the lit shop but when I looked in the day light it was to dark for my skin so it's always worth having a look at it later in the light you intend most of your photos to be taken in.

    I didn't think you could be allergic to mineral make up either, I haven't tried it yet but will be more careful when I do now, thanks for the tip as my skin can be really sensitive to some products.

    Vicky x
  • jo1529jo1529 Posts: 111

    I had my MAC trial on Saturday and I have to say I loved it!! I've bought all the products used (eek many £'s !) as i'm getting married abroad and am re-creating the look. I had a fairly clear idea of what i wanted and she listened really carefully and took the time to find the right colour foundation etc rather than just sticking it on (i'm also pale)

    She also talked thro everything she was doing with myself and my CBM so that we could do it ourselves (or should i say so she could do it!)

    Couldn't recommend them enough, i do have pics but they are mostly close ups of my eyes etc to remind us on the day so you probs wouldn't be wanting to see them!!


  • Jo, if you have pics, it would be great to see them. Its the base I am most concerned with. I think I have more yellowy tones than pinkish tones and always feel like I have a white neck and a pink face. Is the make up v. expensive? Also, did she put your base on with a foundation brush? xx
  • MrsGray2b - That's how I feel with make-up. Even when the colour IS the same as my face, when it's all done I always feel like I have a pink face and white neck. I find it really noticeable. The thing also with wedding make-up, it needs to be more heavier than usual to show on photographic light. If it is too spacre, you will look bare and washed out so don't be too alarmed if it's heavier than usual. They should always apply a base as this holds the maek-up together. As with eye shadow, they should use eyeshadow primer. I am having a trial again with MAC soon as I need to book something now.
  • Ha haa good, I am glad I am not alone lol. I like to further confuse the issue by applying St Tropez randomly when I feel very pale and then I have this tri-colour situation going on. Does this mean in the photographs I will look fabulous but in real life I will look like a drag act lol xx
  • jo1529jo1529 Posts: 111
    Ok, well here are some pics, these are just the eyes really, but you can see bits of the foundation!!!

    I have one full face one, but its hideous! I'm not smiling and the light is hitting my face at a funy angle!

    Yes, she applied the primer and the foundation with a brush, then used 2 different powders to contour and then a highlighter and a blusher - far more than I would normally wear but it really didn't look caked on...

    sorry if bits of this look strange but one of those ridiculous ad banners was popping up right in fromnt of the page as i was typing so i couldn't read it back... grrrr....


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  • funnyfaceukfunnyfaceuk Posts: 4,251
    hey! Got it done yesterday and I was so impressed- I would disagree with the comment that the foundations go shiney, I always have a shiney face (damn meditarian skin- oily but less wrinkly lol) and their foundation stays matt all day. I can double check which one I use, I did ask for that specifically when I bought it, as I know most of their foundations are meant to "shimmer" or "glow" which is not for me!!

    I brought along a pic of audrey helburn and the lady recreated it exactly, I was so impressed. I bought quite a few bits, and I think they know that you will, hence why they are so nice to you!

    The lady I had was brilliant and a bit older herself. Am going to go and try and book her for the wedding!

  • nic2410nic2410 Posts: 459
    My sister is a MAC make up artist and I absolutely love their stuff, it is great as her make up bag is an actual suitcase lol! Their eye stuff is great as it stays on and if they apply it over a base it doesn't gather in creases either. I love their fake lashes too and will be having some of the natural looking ones on for the day.
  • Hi funnyface / nic2410 - this all sounds very encouraging! Im quite looking forward to it now. I'm just going to check the prices on their website now so I dont collapse with shock when Im buying their stuff! xx Nic2410 - I love the lashes (I want my eyes to look like that chick of of Ghost Whisperer) but I'm worried that they will fall off? Does your sis have any tips on applying them (I'm having to do my own make up on the day). xx
  • funnyfaceukfunnyfaceuk Posts: 4,251
    Have them put them on you when you go for the trial, and bring someone with you so they can watch how it is done.

    Mine stayed on all day, none of my make up creased and I'd had a busy day out shopping in horrid weather- definitely no sign of budging! Even my mum, the die hard feminist with no make up is going to go for a trial and wear them!!! She loved it, I was so pleased!

    If you want to get the essentials, I would go for a good primer (their foundation works so much better with it), poweder, their foundation brush (fluffy white one), eyeshadow, mascara, false eyelashes and then whatever other bits and pieces you want.

    Oh yes, and so many false eyelashes to choose from means you're bound to get the right "look" for you! I'm sooo tempted to buy their crazy feather ones...reckon they'd look great!

  • Hi funnyface....ooh Im so excited now. I will ask them to put lashes on me to try them out! What did you do about bronzer or blush? xx
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    I've just been for a trial today - the foundation was awful and looked shiny and even more shiny in photos. I liked the colour of the eyeshadow and eyeliner but not the way that she applied it - I looked like something out of the 80's! I ddnt like the lipstick either! So I bought the eyeshadow and eyeliner and going to try myself.
  • Oh no ia001160...sorry to hear that. I am now taking a mate with me. I have never yet had a make up trial that I was really, really impressed with. What if I absolutely hate it? Im still obliged to spend £25.00 there, which the cheapskate in me isnt very happy with if it looks rubbish. Fingers crossed I get a good one!! I hope you find something you are happy with! xx
  • funnyfaceukfunnyfaceuk Posts: 4,251
    The 25 is redeemable- so even if (which I doubt will happen!) you hated everything, you could buy brushes, which are great quality!

    I'm going to get the bright pink blusher, as I'm very very dark olive skinned, and pink blusher suits my colouring, no extra bronzer for me!! haha.

    Just be really really explicit about what you want- I hate hate hate shine, and I think I said this so many times, she listened and gave me what I wanted! Thoroughly reccomend taking a magazine pic along with you.

    My MAC trial was the only one I've ever had where I didn't run off with a babywipe to remove it all!

  • biliboibiliboi Posts: 1,377
    I didnt spend the 25 quid - I just walked up to the counter and said I was looking for some eyeshadow for my wedding and she offered to try some on me. But then she started applying foundation and lipstick too! She didn't draw the make up on a blank face sheet though, which they usually do if you book the appointment and spend the 25 quid.
  • Olivia14Olivia14 Posts: 1

    I'd like to have my mameup done at Mac for prom and was wondering if anyone knows how much the trial??

  • simone8simone8 Posts: 4

    I had my wedding hair done by this lady and she also arranged a makeup artist!

    She is really reasonably priced and I think she's done various celebrities weddings too!!


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