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Hi all

just got back from seeing my mum who has just had a procedure to remove a mark from her face.

it was like a spot but it wasn't disappearing so she had it removed. however, it has left her with 20 stitches that run under her eye and down her cheek. she hasn't even looked at it hrself yet but it doesn't look great. i've tried to say it will look better when the bruising goes down but i should imagine it will leave quite a big scar.

just wondered if anyone had any tips on any treatments or make up i can get for her for when it starts healing up to help cover it or improve the look of it.

any help would be greatly appreciated, i'm getting married in dec so hoping it will clear up a bit by then so she doesn't feel self conscious on the day as it's the only time she will be mother of the bride.

thanks in advance and sorry for going on a bit. i never wear make up so have no clue about what's best but would love to get her some nice products which will help her feel better


  • Anyone know of anything that will help? Any help would be great
  • a friend of mine has a large birthmark that runs down the side of her face and as you can imagine she had major confidence issues. she went to her go to see if there was anything that could be done for her and he gave her prescription make up which really covered well. i dont know if it would help you but its worth a try.

    also you could try bio oil which reduces scars a bit but does not perform miracles. i have used it in the past on small scars on my arms caused by folliculitis
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    Hi Mrsabbott - bless your mum!

    I've heard of some gel patches which you wear a bit like a plaster which is suposed to reduce scarring. Also bio oil is supossed to be good. Surely if its that bad won't she be refered to a cometic surgeon for advice?

    I've had caci future tec facials for acne scarring which works suprisingly well although I imagine with a fresh scar you would have to be more careful what you do.

    Its nice that you are thinking about your mum. She may suprise you though and it may not bother her as much as you expect. x
  • thanks for your suggestions. my h2b split his lip at football and used bio oil once it had healed a bit and it has improved a lot. but my mums scar is a lot bigger so was wondering if anyone knew of anything else we could try as well.

    i hope she's not self conscious and not bothered by it - just wanted to get her something to help so she feels great on the day and not worried by it.

    thanks again x
  • Smashbox cosmetics do some excellent products that disguise and smooth scars etc. My friend had to have alot of her face re-constructed and has some pretty huge scars as you can imagine. She's found them really good. Think there's a primer in particular that helps x
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    MrsAbbott you sound like a fab daughter and I'm sure your mum will be touched by your concern x
  • Thanks for the suggestion catmc. I've just mailed smashbox to find out what they recommend image
  • Hey MrsAbbott, I have a little bit of scarring thanks to an impromptu dose of chicken pox a couple of years ago and used bio oil regularly.

    Has your mum spoke to a consultant or her GP about any concerns re scarring as I am sure, to echo some of the previous posts, they would be able to prescribe something topical or at least some advice on the best way to speed up healing and reduce any potential scarring.

    In terms of make up, I have heard people mention

    I hope your mum has a speedy recovery xx
  • thanks so much everyone for all of your help. I may be taking her to have her stitches out on friday if my dad can't get time off work so I will ask then if we can see a consultant about the scarring.

    will also have a look at dermablend site now

    thanks again
  • Hi there, I had an accident last year and ended up having stitches in between my eyes and once the wound healed I used bio oil every day which really did help.. The scar is still there but it went a lot quicker than I expected it to! I would definately recommend it!

    I just need to find a good makeup artist who will help me cover it up for the big day....xx
  • definately going to get some bio oil. when did you start to use it? were your stitches out and was the wound completely healed? thanks
  • Pure vitamin E oil works wonders, as does bio oil and palmers scar repair treatment, I have used all over the years and would recommed them all, particulary the palmers scar repair, sounds really horrible but it's got sharks oil init, (it doesn't smell at all!)

    Heres a description of it in detail;

    "Palmers Cocoa Butter Scar Serum with Vitamin E contains the ingredients most recommended by Doctors. Palmer' s Cocoa Butter Formula Vitamin E Scar Serum combines five powerful ingredients to reduce the appearance of scars and marks resulting from surgery, injury, burns, stretch marks, C-section, cuts, scrapes, and insect bites. This concentrated serum penetrates quickly while forming a moisture proof barrier.


    Apply 3-4 times daily to affected areas and massage in.


    Cocoa Butter - a superior moisturiser known to diminish the appearance of marks and scars

    Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant (24, 000 IU's)

    Shark Liver Oil & Silicone - deep penetrating emollient' s which smooth and soften the appearance of scars.

    Allium Cepa - helps soften scar matrix."
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    if she is self concious about it she could try here

  • Hi there I would also recommend bio oil to reduce some of the redness, Benefit do a really good concealer called Boing, My little dog scratched my face last year & I had a huge scratch through my eye and a little scar and it covered it up completly, I know that there is special make up you can order, they used to sell it in Boots but now they do it in House of Fraser not sure of the name but it has to be ordered specially to match your skin tone

    Hope this helps

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    My sister is a MAC make up artist and she does scar cover up occasionally so it would be worth popping along to their counter and maybe making an appointment to see what products they have. She even does tattoo cover ups with make up and that must need something really heavy duty so I am sure that there will be plenty of products on the market that will be suitable for your Mum. I know that Estee Lauder do a foundation called DoubleWear which is good and I think they may even do a thicker one xx
  • Hi, I have a scar from an operation that i am very self conscious about. After it healed I was reffered by my specialist to the red cross who worked to find exactly the right colour makeup to cover it (Derma Blend) and taught me how to apply it. They also recommended Cica Gel patches that i was prescribed by my GP. They worked wonders, flattened and lightened the scar and even helped get some of the sensation back again. Whilst bio oil is also good it's a bit messy/greasy. I wear these patches at night (you wash and reuse them) and now hardly wear the make up as I've seen such a great result. Would definately recommend the red cross service to anyone!
  • I was bitten by my dog a few years back. I had some lumps where my face was stiched and found that bio oil didnt do much. I got referred and was given some gel (like the gel patches but you can apply a thin coat and then makeup on top). I found the gel worked better than the gel plasters and were less noticable. If you would like me to dig out the tube and let you know what it was called. I know Bio oil didnt work for me but I have heard a lot of other people say it worked for them. Boots and superdrug normally have it on offer. Once my scar was healed, I was also told that gentle massage might help as it can encourage blood flow and promote healing.

    There are plenty of options (both in terms of medical toreduce the appeareance) but also in coverup/makeup. Qvc also do a brand that is a proper scar/blemish brand (cant remeber the name) and they have a no quibble money back guarentee if you dont like it. I know I tried some and the colour was too light so I returned it without problems.

    Sorry for the waffle and hope your mum's scar heals up well.
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    Hi There

    I was bitten by a dog some years ago and had several reconstructive operations.

    I had 27 stitches down my face which have left me with a scar from under my eye down to below my lip.

    The best foundation by far is Estee Lauder Maximum Cover, it was developed in conjunction with plastic surgeons. It isn't out on display at estee counters u would need to ask for it. It covers perfectly u barely need any concealer with it, I am just going to use a bit of concealer on my wedding day but i don't for everyday wear.

    I hope that helps you, its not very nice living with facial scars so hope ur mum is ok xx
  • Hey mrsabbott

    I came across this and thought I would post it in case you are still looking at options.... - they stock dermablend and covermark, both of which do trial kits. xx
  • Two years ago I fell and ended up getting six stitches in the middle of my forehead. I tend to scar easily and form keloids so I was really upset. I spent days on the computer researching different things to prevent scars and decided to try Dermalmd scar serum. I started using it on my scar as soon as the scabs came off and used it twice daily for several months along with sunscreen. Now, I have a very small line that is slightly lighter than the rest of my skin, it's so small that I even have to look closely in the mirror to see it. Because it did so well with the scar on my forehead, I started using it on older scars and they improved also. It doesn't work as well on old scars as new, but it still helps.
    I love it so much, now I use it everywhere. I apply a couple drops to my face and neck nightly, even around my eyes. It doesn't cause any irritation or make me break out, actually I think my skin is less oily when I am using dermalmd. I use it anywhere my skin feels dry or irritated.

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