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Help much needed on this subject, I have adult bridesmaids my sister and 2 friends all with different hair styles, my sister has natural curly hair, my other friend has a bob hair style and my cheif bridesmaid has long think and can be curly hair, i was thinking of just getting their hairs curled and pinned half up half down as they are wearing hair combs and i dont think it would look right with it all up and a hair comb, I am having my hair curly and pinned all up so i want them to look a little different, what do you think, can you reccomend anthing for different hair styles, dont want them looking the same as me, please help


  • DeeDee82ukDeeDee82uk Posts: 113
    Try looking through these to see if anything catches your eye
  • dawnouk1dawnouk1 Posts: 164

    OMG, i am having the very same problem!!! I have 2 bridesmaids. One has very short thin bobbed hair and the other has really long thick hair. She doesnt want to wear hers up as it might hurt her head after a few hours. She wanned to wear it half up and half down curly. The thing is im wearing mine very similar to that and i want hers different. I really wanted hers up but i cant force her! Im so stressed about it! Have you decided on anything yet? x
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    Me again. Ive looked at the photos that DeeDee82 posted. My hair is very similar to the first picture. Now can you see why i dont want my bridesmaid with hair half up and half down curly? Am i being silly? xx
  • Why dont u let them chose what they want? as they are all so different then dfferent styles will look better!

    I have 4 bms and they can all chose! I want them to be comfortable, and they all have different tastes too! I really doubt im gna be bothered about there hair when im gettin married! As long as they r happy!xx
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    I dont want them to choose their own style. Its my day and things need to fit in with my plans and i certainly dont want a bridesmaid with the same hair style as me! If your happy with letting yours choose it doesnt say everyone is!
  • Thats fine it was jus a sugestion as they all have different hair, maybe easier thats all! I wasnt having a go so please dont have a go at me!xx
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