MY MAKE-UP TRIAL *with NEW Pics*!!!!!!

MY MAKE-UP TRIAL WAS TODAY and i really enjoyed it. The foundation is really natuarl looking and the whole look is what i was after. here are a couple of photos, mind you the make-up was done about 11am this morning and have been at the shops and now home and it now six pm. The photo don't do it justice but hopefully on the day the photographer will catch it!! oh only 68 days to go!!

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  • MISSY1144MISSY1144 Posts: 49
    Hi bride 200609, I can't see your pics. Glad you enjoyed your trial, and you are happy with the results. I haven't got my trial until May 23rd. And only 60 days until we get married, can't wait! x
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    just amended it !!! yes i pressed sumbit and doh ... you name it!!
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    hi there,

    It looks very natural but without causing offence in anyway, I think you may want to bring out your pretty eyes a bit more. More eyeliner or mascara possibly.

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    I agree with Maz I think it could be a stronger on the eyes.

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  • LizzylouukLizzylouuk Posts: 893
    i agree, its very nice, but i think you might want to think about a little bit more, its a bit tooo natural and more likely to wash out with the professional photographers eyes.
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    Flash... doh sorry!
  • NatmoNatmo Posts: 2,099
    A bit more mascara or individual lashes to bring out your eyes ( just from a qualified make up artists point of view)

    I don't like heavy make up myself and have never done any peoples make up heavy but yeah a little bit more colour around the eyes perhaps just around the lashline
  • I think it looks gorgeous hun very fresh looking!
  • NatmoNatmo Posts: 2,099
    but yeah you do look like an english rose you have great skin too
  • Your skin looks gorgeous! Really dewy and fresh - love the pink glow on your cheeks image

    If it was me, i too would have a little more mascara/few false lashes but other than that i wouldnt change a thing.

    Looks great image
  • PS, i have heard that make-up needs to be a bit stronger to be picked up in photos - maybe you could show the pic to your photographer to see what they think?

    Where did you have your trial (i want to copy you!)
  • More definition on the eyes id say.

    Its natural to the point you dont look like you have any on . You may look washed out on the pictures lovely.

    bt x
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    Hello ladies

    Thanks for all you comments.

    LilPlumBristol - with regards to my cheeks, sometimes they are so red -lol ...... also i think they would be the first on me to spot if i was in a snow storm cause they are always glowing!!!

    Also LilPlumBristol my makeup trial was done by Louise Morrison and she is based in Edinburgh. Her website is

    I took a few pictures along with to show what i liked ....

    These are just a couple. The foundation Louise used was estee Lauder and she mixed it with a moisteriser. The lips she used bobbi brown but i have lunch and it came off!! It a reddy/browny colour and something i wouldn't normally wear. As I am having my veil over my face it can't gloss otherwise it will stick to the veil and what a mess that would make!! LOL.

    By the time i took these photos it was 6pm, I had been shopping, had lunch and maybe the make-up looked tired and i tend to rub my face .... HMMMMMmm - silly me!!

    Louise took photos of me just after the make-up was done, so will try and get them!! Then i will post them on here.
  • emzyisemzyis Posts: 233

    and another one!

    So maybe stronger make-up around the eyes.
  • Damn, bit too far to go from Bristol!!! image
  • I agree with Maz, lovely makeup but maybe a little more on the eyes to make them stand out more?

    Can I ask where did you find the pics you took to the make-up artist as I need some inspiration!
  • emzyisemzyis Posts: 233
    I agree with Maz, lovely makeup but maybe a little more on the eyes to make them stand out more?

    Can I ask where did you find the pics you took to the make-up artist as I need some inspiration!

    Mrs Scot to be - I simply went to google images and bridal make-up -

    Here's the link

    hope this helps!

  • I agree with the majority that a little more mascara and eyeliner would look nice, Would you normally not wear very much make-up? As long as you like it and are comfortable that's all that mattersimage you are so lucky you have found how you want to look! Am struggling and i'm getting married the day before you.
  • emzyisemzyis Posts: 233
    Here are the photos that the beautician took of my make up - they are better than the ones that I took of myself as they were taken a few hours after the trial and the ones below are obviously just when I had the make-up done!! The ones below are so much better - excusing the weird expressions ..... my eyes didn't take kindly to the flash and kept blinking - ~LOL

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    Hi, I like the second set of pictues, make up is very natural and english rose style.

    I used to work for dior as a make up artist and am fully qualified beauty therapist, so the one thing I would do is darken the eyebrows slightly and use a soft brown liner and smudge it at corner of the eye to emphasise the shape of your eyes, they are so blue it would look lovely.

    good luck

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    Very pretty, I agree with Soon2beMrsB that I would darken your eyebrows a bit, other than that I think it looks great
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    I think you look lovely & Natural... Your skin is flawless! So jelous image ... I will be doing my own makeup, due to the cost.. So I will be taking lots of tips from all these topics image ...xx
  • my make up artist told me that its 25% extra for wedding make up so the photos really catch it and it still looks flawless =D ive got another trial on wendesday hehe you can never have too many x
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