Bare Faced Cheeks Hair and Make Up

Has anyone used bare faced cheeks to do their hair and make up ??

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  • ally2009ukally2009uk Posts: 2,020
    Hmm, I haven't used them, but I've heard some bad things about them (like them not turning up for trials but keeping the deposit, and people not being able to get hold of them). I'm pretty sure it was somewhere on this forum...
  • jpoulsonjpoulson Posts: 88
    I am! Well, I've had my trial anyway and was really really pleased with it. I'd say I'm not that impressed with Bare Faced Cheeks themselves, not the quickest at answering emails. I'm still waiting for one from them concerning the cost. But all the hair and beauty people they use are freelance, and when I had my trial I got the mobile number and web addy for my lady. She's on hols at the mo and if I haven't heard from BFC by the time she is back, I'm gonna call and pay direct with her as she's cheaper.
  • SkilroySkilroy Posts: 7
    Thanks for this - I have booked with them to do my trial on the 9th May ! She has not responded to any of my calls since I paid the deposit and a lady messaged me to say she never turned up for her trial and she hasnt managed to get hold of her since so am now in a bit of a panic ! image I guess I just have to hope someone turns up next week !
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