veil/ hairstyle question

I want a hair style a bit like this. i have blonde hair and maybe not as thick as hers, but should work..

and a fishtail dress.. but quite detailed at bottom with black also.

So i dont think a full lenth veil... something more subtle...

what sort of veil do you think I should go for? lenth.. edge... as dress has black detail should I get a black edge.. or... not? cant decide, let me know your thoughts, or see your pics!



  • veryhappymrsveryhappymrs Posts: 1,374
    That hair style is lovely! Maybe elbow length/finger tip veil as you don't want it to hide too much detail at that back.

    Did you get your dress from a shop?? Might be worth trying some on in there with your dress to see??

    Also i'm Holly and my H2B is Matt too!! image
  • yey!

    no... i am getting it made. mm... yes. it hink your right.. i think i will have to go try them on in a shop and try and imagine what one would be best.. because also... its summer, wearing long dress... so in a way be nice to have shouder showing a bit, so dont want anything too big
  • ceryssamuelceryssamuel Posts: 167

    I like that style... might just pinch it for mine in July. I've been struggling to find a hairdo that would accomdate a veil that I liked and that seems lovely - I too have blonde hair so its worth considering.

    Do you have a link as to where you got that picture from?


  • i just found it on goodle images.
  • anyone know where i could find a flower like that? also... as my hair blonde, veil white.. and theme is black and white, you think a balck flower would look better on my hair then a white one?
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    I did another shoot after my wedding .I was unable to find a flower so I had a real one.

  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    I think a sholder legth veil would work best, as it will sit at the back of your head it woud prob come down to about your waist wear as a elbow legth would look more fingertip length and figertip would be almost to your knees.

    id still go for a white flower if i were you as lilies dont naturally come in black so might look a little strange.

    as for the edging ect, id have 1 like mine, its plain with a scolloped edge and crystal droplets hanging off it : )
  • yes i agree about length, thank you for that.

    also as much as i love the shape of a lilly... there is something a bit strange about wearing a "funeral" flower... so may go fo something else.. mmm....

    my dress is quite alternative you see... so was thinking black flower with blonde hair might be quite striking... will try it out~! haha

    thanks for advice on veil... they go on with a comb dont they?
  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    yep, you just push it down when you have the veil at the back and then you can secure it with a few grips.

    i love lillies and have them in my bouquet and at my reception so dont think of them like that but if your not keen go for something else. have you thought about what you want in your bouquet yet? you could match the flower up with that
  • yes your totally right... if anything they are more of a wedding flower now anyway! they are gorgeous!

    il go have a look at that link!
  • thats pretty... but i think your right.. just doesnt look natural... i am a bit of hippy at heart, so want something... bit boho chic... looking... hope that makes sense!
  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    perfect sense lol, im the same.

    if you dont fancy lillies you could go for roses or orchids, orcids wuold look fab i think
  • orchids is a lvoely idea... but i want a fake one rather then real one, so it doesnt... "go bad" on the day... and i wont have time to go hunting for one day before when i am baking billions of cup cakes etc, haha
  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845

    Not the right style but the orchid looks lovely! Good size too, I'm torn between a hair band type tiara (not a crown kinda gal) and flowers, kinda feel like I should have a lovely hairpiece as it's the only day you really get to wear one!
  • cant see your piccy!

    yes i know what you mean... but then i also know.. that when i see pics of brides.. i thinkt he simple... styles look so stunning... i cant stand too much.. tiara etc... not for me! but its down to personal taste... of corse..

    thank god, or we would all look the same! haha

    saw this which i thought was quite unique and very cheap

  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    oooh, very pretty! I'll try the pic again but if it doesn't work I give up, I wasted about 3 hours learning how to post them and won't be at all suprised if I've lost the knack already!

  • yes i can see it now! very pretty!

  • here is pic of my necklace for wedding to give an idea... of style

    [Modified by: hollyandmatt on April 28, 2009 06:17 PM]

  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    haha, I can't see it! LOL! x
  • hahahahaah
  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    I am also loving these...

    very bridal without the princess factor...

    Ps. that little boy in your photo is truely gorgeous, what a smile! x
  • they are very sweet, Thank you, he is called Milo
  • can only see one of your pics.... haha, very nice, where are they from
  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    ooooh, love the necklace, I think flowers in your hair would be perfect!

    one last try at the flower I'm contemplating then I promise to leave you in peace...

  • that is gorgeous!!! where did you find that?
  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    Milo is a lovely name, I teach reception so most names have a personality attached for me, I've never had a Milo whihc is always nice! I've got photos from all over, I copy and paste when I come across something on a web site I like though alot come from 'the knot' - it's an american site but has oooodles of photo galleries, great for flower and hair ideas x
  • ceryssamuelceryssamuel Posts: 167
    I was thinking of having this hairstyle, but can't seem to find similar hair pins to these. The site has been taken off the internet as I have read that they are experiencing probs with it. Any one got a good web site that supplies nice pins??

  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    This is my problem, remembering where I find everything... I'll have a rummage in my favourtes list and see if I can find it, may take a while! x
  • oh great. My other son Ben is in reception... such a gorgeous age!

    il have a look at that site!
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