Hair ideas- show me ur pics

Hey ladies

I'm looking for inspiration for my wedding hair. I have long hair

I think I may want half up half down but am undecided. Show me ur hair ideas. Please x


  • this is my fav pic at the moment.. but its still not.. perfect... want it a bit more hippyish

  • angelmccannangelmccann Posts: 728
    hiya,this is how i'm having mine! apologies..... as i think this may come out quite large(still don't know how to make pics smaller) lol

  • angelmccannangelmccann Posts: 728
    joy!!!! advert all ovet it! aagrh
  • your hair looks lovely, post again, so can see it properly, are you having veil with it? if so where will you put veil
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    Both are lovely and came up perfect in my email no adverts joy image
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    What about these ? xx

    [Modified by: shazza21 on April 29, 2009 06:32 PM]

  • angelmccannangelmccann Posts: 728
    here goes..... got one with the veil too!

    am having the veil quite high and am having tiara as well,can just see it image
  • shazza21shazza21 Posts: 4,138

  • AndytailsAndytails Posts: 691
    Angel McCain I love your hair. It's beautiful

    My hairdressors did mention something like all curled and a beehive and put tiara in front. But not convinced
  • angelmccannangelmccann Posts: 728
    oh thanks tiara has a comb attatchment and was proving awkward to hide but then she suggested bringing a section of hair from each side and pinning it over the top of the comb and it's now gonna be perfectly hidden,maybe an idea for you if you don't want it too beehivey!

    ps my cat is called Andy..... and has a huge foxy tail!!! lol
  • Its between these for me. my tiara is quite romantic though so thinking probably the second x

  • angelmccannangelmccann Posts: 728
    baby got back.... wow i love the 2nd one and yes i think it's the more romantic of the 2!

    looks so shiny too!
  • oh love them... would love to see more with veils... i want to wear a veil.. but not hide all my hair too... which is why i like the first one i put up... but... would love to see others
  • AndytailsAndytails Posts: 691
    Baby got back I would say second for romantic and the first if u want an audrey Hepburn type.
  • thanks ladies, andytails this is so what Im torn between! my makeup is quite Audrey Hepburn, quite thick eyeliner and a little flick but my tiara wouldnt go with it then, and I love it soooo much! oh the decisions us girls have to make!
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    hollyandmat, are the flowers in your hair fake or real? they look stunning, just kind of thing im after!

  • AndytailsAndytails Posts: 691
    Anyone else want to share their pics
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    Holly, I've saved that one to show my hairdresser...thanks!!!
  • its not my hair, its a picture. i am blonde... but i love it! its a lilly, and i have been on th hunt and seen some gorgeous ones on ebay!... i need to get one and have a go and see if it works nicely with my blonde hair
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    Shazza - where did you get that pic from. the second one on your post with the hair more up round the front. I want my hair like that and wanted to copy the pic and print it to show my hairdresser but it won't let me copy the image.

    I want that hair!!!
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