Anyone use Benefit products?

Hi - I have used the odd bit from Benefit make-up in the past but recently loads of people have been recommending it as very easy and effective fake-it make up. I dont tend to wear much make up on a daily basis, i just use Bare Essentuals mineral powder make up and if I'm feeling adventurous a splash of lip gloss & mascara.

My friend has arranged for a lady from Benefit to come round and do our make up with a view to me getting kitted out for my wedding in Italy this July. Any tips of what to look out for or what to avoid? (bearing in mind its going to be very very hot out there)

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  • SarahSukSarahSuk Posts: 1,667

    I went to Debenhams today to have a benefit make up trial.

    I love the Dallas blusher and rose tint - It is pricey though x
  • some of their stuff is excellent. Brow zings is world-class.

    But some is overpriced and average quality. I like benetint, but the body shop alternative is cheaper and has a better applicator.

    Their bad gal mascara is the single worst mascara I have ever bought. It was clumpy and really smudgy.
  • jessicacukjessicacuk Posts: 886
    Hi Hun,

    I buy quite alot of benefit make-up (in fact, i buy alot of make-up in general as I just love it) and i've got to say, i don't think it's special enough for a wedding. My h2b bought me a huge benefit set as one of my christmas prezzies this year - the benetint is nice, as is the coralista blusher but I don't think it would wear well on a wedding day as the quality does not reflect the price you pay for it.

    Jess xx
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903

    I reccomend benefit highly! i use the eyebrow powder, dandelion powder, boing concealer and dallas bronzer every day and have done for years!! its well worth the money!! x
  • Sarah-LallySarah-Lally Posts: 195
    Avoid there bronzer! Got it and turned me into an extra from charlie and the chocolate factory! LOL they do a really nice body cream in a tin (cant remeber the name, soz) which im defo gunna use on my wedding. Gives a subtle and pretty shimmer to your skin and feels really smooth!
  • PickleLily82PickleLily82 Posts: 1,913
    I actually love benefit and I have a lot which i will be wearing on the day. but I am not using the foundation, primer, powder or mascara. I have gone for other brands for these. but my highlighter, eyeshadow, concealer, posytint and blusher is just to mention the main things.

    however i hated the bad gal lash mascara in waterproof. it stuck my lashes together and smudged even being waterproof and not very oily skin.

  • GG011GG011 Posts: 2,208
    I love the Benefit range, i've been for two trails and the ladies are fantastic!

    On my wedding day i did my own make up and used their eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, high beam highlighter, lipgloss and coralista blusher.

    Even if i do say so myself it looked good! i was really pleased with the make up on the day it looked natural and not too over done.

    Best of luck image

    Forgot also used the erase paste which is brill!

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  • I love benetint, brow-zings, lemon aid and the blushers too.

    But whatever you do DON NOT buy the bad girl mascara - just awful!!!!!!!!! Flakes all over your face within hrs.....its really terrible! x
  • I LOVE bad gal mascara lol, makes my eyelashes look really long and thick. Just goes to show everyone different so the best thing is to go to their counters and try some of their stuff. Another thing I love is bo - ing concealer. high - brow, posie tint, high - beam...I could go on and on lol. I do prefer MAC products for their lastability though x
  • curly_ktcurly_kt Posts: 122
    Thanks girls, looking forward to the trial. I've used & loved Bo-ing & Dallas but looking forward to trying other bits. I'm so not a big make-up girl so don't know my stuff, thanks for the tips - K
  • drobinson1984drobinson1984 Posts: 1,071
    I too would highly recommend brow zings and the blushers...the throb blusher gives me a nice rosy glow without being too in your face!

    I think the bad gal mascara needs perseverence definitely as to start with I just ended up with serious panda eye, but I've grown to get on with it now! However I doubt I'll use it on my wedding day, as I've no doubt I'll well up at some point!!

    I love benefit, just wish they'd make it cheaper! I think Body Shop is a fab cheaper alternative, their products also have staying power! xx
  • i really only use benefit and mac, with Benefit's Coralista, FY Eeye and Boing being my most bestest products. I totally agree about the mascaras though, I find they are utter crap, really flaky and ick. I don't buy them anymore. But honestly, everything else is absolutely gorgeous and IMO totally worth the extra money!

  • redheadzoredheadzo Posts: 34
    I love the mineral foundation -feels amazing light on the skin, easy application -though do make sure to moistuirise first to get the most of the colour. I take mine on holiday as it stays well in the heat and looks natural as it works with your skintone.

    Not used the mascaras before, but good job by the sound of it!x
  • kattypooukkattypoouk Posts: 192
    I love Benefit! I'm doing my own make up on the day and I am going to use Posietint with Coralista on top for staying power! Boing and Erase Paste concealers are great! I'll also use Lemon Aid eyelid primer because it really does stop your eyeshadow creasing and it stays put all day! Also the yellow colour correcting Bluff Dust is brilliant if, like me, you have a "rosie" complexion (or go red a lot!) Probably benefit lipstick in Skinny Dip as a nice nude colour with some Juicy Tubes over the top. As for other stuff, I'm using lovely Mac eyeshadows and individual false lashes, Smashbox primer, and either Max Factor False Lash Effect or Bourjois Volume Clubbing mascara because they are both great! The only thing I am anot yet sure of is foundation - any suggestions?
  • Sorry to say this but I've just come in from a benefit make over and look like some weird cross between a man in drag and a china doll! The foundation sat in my pores and aged me by about 10 years! It might just have been the girl who put it on me though.
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