I look like the elephant man :-(

Hi ladies

I am gutted my hair and make-up trial is on Sunday , and i currently look like the elephant man . I am a PE teacher and during rounders practice yesterday got wollaped in the face with a rounders ball full Pelt and spent 2 hours in A and E . I can barely open my eye and it is beautiful shades of purple blue and red . So the make-up artist will definatley have her work cut out on sunday , that if the sweeling has gone down enough to even touch it !! Felling very sorry for myself ;-(


  • dollyfurdollyfur Posts: 172
    OMG! I'm so sorry for you.

    You must go to boots or a healthfood shop and buy some arnica 30c, take it 5-6 times a day. It will really help with the swelling and bruising and help your face to heal much faster!

    Good luck

    Lots of Love

  • badoo1982badoo1982 Posts: 421
    hi dolly i popped round to see my next door neighbour who is a nurse and she has given me some arnica cream , is that what you meant ??
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