Make-up trial & Pics.

I have been practicing my make up, although i wear it everyday i dont really do my eyes as much as this everyday obviously!

So what do you think?

I followed a video tutorial of my FAVE girl on You tube- Lauren Luke, i didnt have such a light silver colour as she used, i had more like a grey-silver shadow with the black to do the smokey bits, but think i will buy a brighter one and see what it looks like. The one i followed was this-

So opinions please!!!

And excuse the eyebrows!! Am trying to grow them a bit!!! LOL...And excuse the weird poses...i was trying to capture the colours so i remember how i did it!!!!


  • di64di64 Posts: 237
    think your makeup looks great not too heavy x
  • wrichwrich Posts: 425
    Thank you! I am trying to sort out the other pics, and those bloody adverts drive me nuts!!!
  • wrichwrich Posts: 425

    Let's hope that worked! And the adverts dont cover it again!
  • wrichwrich Posts: 425

  • Hi hun

    Well done you done a great job - I think it looks lovely!! The colour on your eyes is really nice and its been blended realy well. You will look amazing x
  • wrichwrich Posts: 425

    *cringing at how big the photos are* LOLimage
  • emmawatersemmawaters Posts: 749
    wow you look superb. I love the colours
  • wrichwrich Posts: 425
    Thanks ladies! Obviously my eyebrows will be better on the big day and my spots and bits will be properly covered! I am cringing at how big they came out, i dont want to look vain or anything.

    I was mainly wanting to get the eye colour right and seem to have done a pretty good job so far!

    It's nice to get other peoples views on it so i can see how others will think of it.

    Thank-you for your kind comments!
  • yellow2011yellow2011 Posts: 620
    lovelyeyes, well blended colours and i love the sparkle of the eyeshadow. which brand did you use? love the lips too!!

    Very nice xxx
  • wrichwrich Posts: 425
    Thank-you! I used a trio pallete of eyeshadows by Rimmel, a white, a silvery grey and a black.

    And lipstick is Loreal a shade called "lingerie" i wanted a natural colour lipstick and it goes nicely with the eye colours.
  • Wrich.

    I love the eyes fab!!!
  • MrsGav2BMrsGav2B Posts: 338
    Wow! Your eyes look amazing, just commented on your pic of you in your dress too, what a beautiful bride you will make! x
  • wrichwrich Posts: 425
    **Blushing** thanks so much!!!! you have all been so sweet!!!!!!!

    What lovely comments!!
  • you look lovely. I really like the greeny coloured eyeshadow really makes your eyes stand out! gorgeous! x
  • wrichwrich Posts: 425
    It does look a bit greeny, but it was a silvery grey with black on the outsides. I do often wear greens as it goes with my brown eyes.

    OOh i'm loving all the compliments! i have never been complimented so much in one day!!!

    keep it coming!! LOL!!
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