Where to find......

Im really just wondering where you find a good make up artist? Can you trust wedding directories or shows? Can you trust most hits on google?

I may be getting married in London, not where i live, and so i feel very confused!!!

Where abouts have you all been asking, i can imagine its a minefeild!!!

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  • MrsM_09MrsM_09 Posts: 761
    I jusy wrote a huge reply and annoyingly my comment didnt add.

    But basically your best bet is probably to go on word of mouth. Doesnt always work as i booked a friend of a friend and she let me down with 3 months to go.

    with no other recommendations i had to take a risk and just use trusty google to find someone. Luckily it paid off as my trial was fab. My makeup artist lives within easy reach of london, so if you want me to pass her contact details, or you'd like to see some pics - email me! my button should be activated

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  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    I found my hair and make up artist on this site. She was recommended by a couple of people and I have to say she was fantastic, so thank you to everyone who recommended her. She is based in Kent, but will travel (she told me she was going to the Isle of Wight for one wedding as the girl wanted her so much she paid for her travel costs). Her name is Kirsty McCall if you want to Google her x
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