Stores that do make-overs?

Hi, I wondered if anyone could recommend any store make-overs? I'm getting married in greece so will be doing my own make-up, with the help of my bridesmaids. I only usually stick to the same eyeshadow and mascara so I'd like to get some advice on different colours and how to do it properly. I remember I once had a free make-over years ago in a Boots! I live in Hemel Hempstead but have most big stores locally.



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    SpaceNK is fab. I went there yesterday for a special Beauty evening, but am going back specifically for a bridal lesson/makeover next Saturday. They said that if we find a look that I like, they will teach me how to re-create it. No pressure to buy their products and its free! That said, I do intend spending a certain amount on specific products whilst there...

    I also had a Benefit makeover recently and loved it, although the look they went for was more what I would wear for a night on the tiles than my wedding day (the eyeshadow they used was quite sparkly) but thought they had some great tips and products too. Most of the counters in department stores will do free make overs/trials/demonstrations. Have fun! x
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    I can second that! Space NK were fab when I went in. There's no pressure to buy anything and they tell you to go home and look at it in the natural light to see if you like it. If you want to go back to try anything else that's not a problem either! I loved my make up so much I ended up spending about £400 on brushes and make up!

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