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The MAC counter in debenhams.....

I really wanna try some MAC stuff, and buy the good stuff, do you have to book to have a trial or can you literally just walk up and they do it there and then? Also do they charge? I dont mind paying but would sooner know what to expect xxx


  • Not sure if you can just have it done there and then, I booked in for mine. I had to pay 25 pound which was redeamable on products.

    I ended up buying loads of stuff and the girls were lovely.
  • GlitterBug09GlitterBug09 Posts: 2,894
    Thanks, gonna get myself booked in i think!
  • MrsP-CMrsP-C Posts: 8,370

    I went along to the croydon MAC counter last night (house of fraser though not debs) and they were great. We hadn't been able to get through to them on the phone to book a trial so my friend and I just turned up to browse, and I ended up getting my eye make up done free anyway! Bought a couple of things and will be goung back for more asap. The girl who served us gave us her name too so we call ask for her specifically when we go back.
  • carly_jane81carly_jane81 Posts: 126
    GlitterBug, where do you live? I have a recommendation for a mac consultant in Bristol who has just set up her own business x

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  • Sophie2007ukSophie2007uk Posts: 1,127
    hmm i was considering this, is their makeup expensive?!
  • Muir1978Muir1978 Posts: 326
    I had a trial at the MAC counter in Selfridges, they were great. I had to book and pay £25, but that was redeemable. She spent at least 1.5 hours with me, explaining how to put each of the bits on, and I never felt pressured to buy anything - although I did alot.

    I don't think it's mega expensive for what you get, it's better quality and lasts longer. It depends on how much you spend on make up anyway, most of my stuff was No7 and their eyeshadows are £7+, and MACs are about £9 and last longer, I think.

    The Bobbi Brown counter were also great, again, spent about 1.5 hours with me, didn't have to book or pay anything and never felt pressured
  • I have booked a MAC trial for tomorrow, paid £25 and you can redeem that against product. I am so excited! Will let you know how we get on (I am going with a friend from work)! xx
  • Henny_GeddesHenny_Geddes Posts: 3,559

    Mac make up is expensive, no doubt. But I personally find that its worth it for the quality. I also find it lasts a lot longer and ages better than most make up. The brushes are fantastic, I find they make a big difference especially for the eyes. I also think the people who work on the counters are really really friendly and helpful. The only thing to be aware of is that they can do the hard sell on you if they do your make up, so be strong if you don't want to spend a fortune!
  • GlitterBug09GlitterBug09 Posts: 2,894
    Im midlands based im afraid, but thanks anyway! Im still looking to book a trial at mac, I want to do my own make up but use all lovely stuff!
  • mulv2222mulv2222 Posts: 112
    Ooo Carly-Jane i'd like a recommendation for the Bristol area! I'm getting married in north Somerset so not too far away. I emailed about 5 diff people last night with enquiries and not 1 has got back to me yet?! Grrr. x
  • carly_jane81carly_jane81 Posts: 126
    hey mulv2222, I'll send you her contact details by email x
  • mulv2222mulv2222 Posts: 112
    Thanks Carly_jane
  • weeze161weeze161 Posts: 278
    carly_jane, any chance i could get those contact details too please?i am torn at the moment between a beautician who does wedding make-up or a using a make-up artist?! thank you x
  • OOOH I am glad that you have such good comments about Mac Makeup. I am considering doing this for my wedding, as i am getting married away from my home town and i don't want to trust someone i don't know..... The good thing with the Mac trail is that you have loads of makeup afterwards xxxx

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  • Henny_GeddesHenny_Geddes Posts: 3,559
    Glass Slipper, Mac is fantastic. Another good make up I can recommend is Laura Mercier, I had my make up done there and it was fantastic. Again, expensive but very nice!
  • Courtney8Courtney8 Posts: 1

    How do i book a makeover online?

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