Help! What shall I put in my hair?

Hi girls,

I am having my hair half up, half down for my wedding day but definitely DO NOT want a tiara to put in my hair!!! I am wearing a Cathedral length veil too. Can you please give me some ideas as to what accessory will work?

My hair will hopefully look like this:


M x


  • catemullencatemullen Posts: 91
    no help to you, but could you e-mail me that picture her hair is gorgeous, but no idea what you can have in your hair x
  • catemullencatemullen Posts: 91
    [email protected], is my e-mail address xx
  • maz1977maz1977 Posts: 1,030
    No worries hon. Just sent it to you x
  • Lil_Miss_HandsLil_Miss_Hands Posts: 1,194
    How about a comb to one side with crystals on? Or a pretty silk cream flower on a clip?
  • Lil_Miss_HandsLil_Miss_Hands Posts: 1,194

    how about this?

    or this?

  • maz1977maz1977 Posts: 1,030
    Thanks Rustygirl, I was certainly thinking on the lines of the clip too. The flower is what I originally wanted with my hair when I was having up. Still unsure if it will go with my hair half up, half down.

    Thanks so much for your help.

  • the1daymrsscottthe1daymrsscott Posts: 1,121
    Gorgeous hair!

    A clip or flower would look lovely... have you seen CAOS report in BBB? She had half up do and spray roses as a hair piece
  • maz1977maz1977 Posts: 1,030
    Thanks v. much MrsScott2b...

    I did see CAOS hair and she did look stunning. I love the little flowers she put in her hair...

  • newbiginningnewbiginning Posts: 758
    oohhh that comb looks a bit like the one i wore - see avatar!! lovely hair do btw.
  • mrscraig2010mrscraig2010 Posts: 500
    Ooooh I agree, lovely lovely hairstyle!! I would like mine something siilar only my hair is so fine it always looks dead flat image

    Ummmm, I reckon a crystal/pearl comb at the back where the front bits of hair are pinned up. You can also get teenytiny pearl, crystal or flower kirby grips/pins which you can slide in here and there to add a bit of sparkle.

    Has anyone seen pride and prejudice film with Keira Knightley? The scene where she goes to Mr Bingley's well posh ball, where she dances alone with Mr D - she has tiny little clips through her hair? Always think it looks so pretty! image xx

  • have you considered a hair vine? they have some lovely ones on google images.
  • bammbammukbammbammuk Posts: 305
    I'm having the same sort of dilemna.

    So far I have found a gorgeous clip but don't know if a comb would be better.

    I'm a Gretna bride and I'm not having a trial session so don't know what I'll need.

    Sorry to hi-jack your thread Spockette

  • maz1977maz1977 Posts: 1,030
    Thanks Nowawife. Love the clip.

    Mrs craig, thanks very much for your advice. Very useful. Hairpins are pretty versatile so I am going to look into that abit more. I was worried that the pins wouldn't stay in a half up, half down hairstyle.

    I haven't seen Pride and Prejudice but might have to have a DVD night soon and watch it.

    georgie. thanks. Hairvines are also on my list but needed someone else to mention it too! image

    Thanks again girls.


  • catemullencatemullen Posts: 91
    Spockette, thanks for the pic i really like it xx
  • xxMrsTxxxxMrsTxx Posts: 467
    hi, i think if you chat to your hairdresser that making a decision would be easier. my wedding hairdresser said it really annoyed her that brides were picking things cos they look nice and then they arent appropraite for the hair-dos that they want. a flower would look nice but i dont think it would be able to be put into the side of the do because the hair would be loose there.

    chatting to your hairdresser will definitely put your mind at ease and help you choose something fab image

    Mrs Txox
  • maz1977maz1977 Posts: 1,030
    No problem bammbamm. Lovely hair flowers. They are gorgeous. Would look really nice in an updo style!!!!

    Mrs Thomas. Thanks very much. I am going to have a word with the hairdresser and see what she thinks. Problem is I am getting married abroad and not sure what wedding hair accessories they have out there. Might have to buy bits of everything and take them all over and then decide!


    Is it just me or is it quite difficult to decide what to put in your hair if its half up, half down or even all down OTHER than a tiara!


    Thanks for all your help girls xx
  • sezmouksezmouk Posts: 221
    look at they have some lovely clips. I'm having half up and down too. I got a clip from my dress shop - was a bargin

    here it is:

    here is my hair with it in:

    no idea how to do pics so i hope for the best!


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  • crissyukcrissyuk Posts: 65
    there was another bride on here last week asking for similar I though that these were nice - both clips with flowers so you can wear half up half down
  • maz1977maz1977 Posts: 1,030
    Ohhh gorgeous clip Sezmo and beautiful glossy hair! I am aware of the website so having a look at it now. Looks very vintage and I am aiming for that look.

    crissy, thanks for both websites. Loving the hair flowers...

    Now I am even more confused!

    image image :\? :\?
  • sezmouksezmouk Posts: 221
    these are good decisions to have to make! i decided early on i wanted sparkly hair and not flowers. enjoy trying loads of things on!

  • ooohhh love the hairstyle i might need to steal it as its the only one Ive seen so far i actually love image I'm having a tiara and a cathedral veal but not having it over my face just clipped in the back, i think it should look ok but not sure lol x
  • swarbsukswarbsuk Posts: 180
    Sezmo I love your hair, its just what I want! Can I ask, are you having a veil and if so whereabouts are you putting it? I just don't seem to be able to figure out how to make a half up half down do and veil work with anything other than a tiara and I really don't want a tiara!
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