Mobile Hairdresser Lothians


I am looking for some recommendations for a mobile hair dresser to do my hair for my wedding. I live in Livingston, West Lothian. Can anyone recommend someone?



  • lm1uklm1uk Posts: 51

    I've recommended Anne Quinn in the this post

    She is very good. Maybe give her a try!

    Good luck!

    Lisa x
  • Please help ladies I need some more recommendations!!
  • Im using Anne too!
  • My sister is using my wedding hair stylist for her wedding and thought I would let you know an offer she is doing just now! We were there today for our trials and was telling us so I mentioned that I would let everyone on here know.

    She is offering everyone 10% of the total cost of wedding hair on the day and a free bridesmaid trial to everyone who books before 30th November this year. She said her 2009 prices will be frozen for anyone who books their 2010 wedding soon aswell.

    I never got this for my wedding (my sister is though) and its such a good saving considering costs of everything.

    Her address is

    Can you let her know I recommended you guys. Thanks image


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