On average how much do makeup artists charge?

I havent contacted any hair or make up artists yet..just wondered on average what i can expect to pay?

I want my long hair down in curls and i havea tiara to wear but i want to put that on myself as i know how i like it.

Bridesmaids i want simple up do.

Make up - just face

I do my own tan and nails always.

Any ideas on cost?


  • willsgirlwillsgirl Posts: 960
    Hi hun

    I'm not getting married until 2011, but i've already looked at a few prices, so can budget etc. The average price i seemed to be getting was between £40 and £60 for makeup on the day, and then a similar price for a trial. Hair can vary, but a lot of people do hair AND make-up, and if there are a few of you you could always ask for a group discount? xxx
  • Hi Hun I think it depends on where you live? I charge £60 for make-up on the day and a trial for the bride and £30 each for a bridal party member (BM, MoB, MoG etc). Some people in my area charge £150!!! Blooming ridiculous if you ask me...

    Oh, I'm in the South West.

  • GozworthGozworth Posts: 168
    Bassibabes, where abouts in the south west are you? I can only find really expensive people and Im in bristol/glos area x
  • I've been looking for a make up artist myself over the last week. I have gone with a girl who charges £60 total for the wedding day make up AND trial. There are charges should mother of the bride and bridesmaids want theirs doing too though. But I thought £60 total seemed reasonable. It's about average for the others I considered too.

    I'm in Poole.
  • mine is 95 for hair and 95 for make up!

    does it at venue so pushes price up.

  • Mine is £220 for hair and makeup including some falsh individual lashes. She is charging BMs £70 each. She is coming to our hotel on the morning of the wedding though as me and BMs are sleeping over night before. Trials £35. Not a bad wage for a day's work though!
  • Mines £250 for make-up for myself and my BM. She's a Bobbi Brown professional...

    Not cheap by any means....but obviously want to look my best on the day and happy to treat my MOH

    Am also staying in the Bridal Suite at the hotel where the reception is taking place. Looking forward to being pampered and spoiled on the morning of the wedding....

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  • leighh72leighh72 Posts: 335
    im near windsor and my trial was 90 for hair/make up, on the day its 150.00, bridesmaid and mob hair and make up is 80.00 on the day, this was the most reasonable i found, good luck
  • Charlie1980ukCharlie1980uk Posts: 1,533
    my trial was a £100 and then its £300 on the day for me and then £100 for anyone else, going to treat my mum xx
  • My make-up is £190 for trial and on the day for myself, 2 adult bridesmaids, 2 junior bridesmaids and MOB. She has fantastic reviews and is considerably cheaper than many people I have found in my area.

    Haven't got a price for my hair yet but am having that done at my regular salon.
  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    We got married last Nov and I paid £60 for a hair and make up trial and £75 for hair and make up on the day. She does increase her prices each year by approx £10 I think. I'm based in Kent, and the hair and make up artist was local, but does travel x
  • mimiMUAmimiMUA Posts: 11

    im a hair and makeup artist . i charge £60 for hair and makeup bridal trial and £150 for the day for hair and makeup for bride. i can do group packages and discounts . you can contact me by email : [email protected] or by facebook searching mimi_mua . 


    im more than happy to negotate and find a suitable price for my clients and myself for hair and makeup

    Im trained by the one and only Samer Khouzami lebanese top celebrity makeup artist. 


    many thanks mariam 

  • hi im hair and  makeup artist I charges £40 for trial and on the day it will be £100 for the bride and for party makeup its £ 50 on the day. i live in east london. For further details please contact 07730434808 or email me [email protected]


  • susan28susan28 Posts: 268

    anyone in birmingham area?   This is something i am looking for 

  • My make up artist is charging £215 for 6 of us, then the hairdresser is £230 again for 6 of us.  No trials are included in this price.  So average price around £80 for hair and make up per person.  We are in Scotland.  HTH xx

  • I charge £65 bridal hair and make up trial then £120 on the wedding day. I have 20 years experience so brides are paying for that plus expensive products used. I am in the north east of England.



  • Amie-Amie- Posts: 1

    Hi I'm a make up artist in South Wales area ... I charge £50 bridal make up on the day and same price for a trial so £50 this includes false lashes ... For bridesmaids and mums etc it is £40 per person again with false lashes. The only additional charge is a 40p per mile travel charge after 10miles traveled from my base location. Hope this helps.

    Find us on Facebook ... Complement Your Beauty x 


  • Rakhi2Rakhi2 Posts: 1


    I'm based in Birmingham. If your still looking for a MUA contact me on rk-mua#outlook.com

  • Hi,

    I am a professional Makeup Artist based in London. 

    Website: www.princessamayo.com

    Visit us: on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Princess-Amayo-Pro-Makeup-Artist-/26512053231?ref=bookmarks

     For more info email: [email protected]

  • dawn34dawn34 Posts: 1

    i live in Bradford west Yorkshire my daughter is getting married and there's 3 of us need hair and makeup my other daughter just got married in London and we paid £160.00 for all of us so can any one do this job mobile and in the price range awnthank you D

  • I'm looking for someone in York (city centre)... Any suggestions anyone!? Thanks 

  • I am a training mua and hair dresser and would love for models to come in. I am new to the industry therefore i do my prices really cheap if anyone is interested.

    The trail will be £20 and £35 on the day.

    Some if what i have done is on my makeup instagram profile ; char_makeupxo which will show you how far i have come.

    I would also love to try and test things on models so i can experiment on different face shapes, eye shapes and skin types.

    Thank you, Charlotte!! would love to hear from you.

    Email: [email protected]

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