honest opinions please am i too old for this look thanks

hi guys, its only a few weeks away till my wedding now and am slightly panicing, im getting married in greese and so am doing my own hair and make up.this isnt really a problem as im a hairdresser but think i maybe am a bit too old for the down and wavy look, its not my own hair as mine isnt long enough it is exstenions, and also not sure whether to have the side tiara or flowers, not getting married on a beach but in monistery gardens please help not sure what to do.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please excuse the shower curtain lurkin in the backgrownd it was the brightest room in the house lol

also please dont be alarmed i am NOT naked in the pics as it may seem lol


  • oh and this is the back sorry they r so LARGE cant seem to reduce the size lol clueless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kjv201kjv201 Posts: 284
    lol when you said too old i was expecting someone else! you look stunning and can totally pull off this look. xx
  • i think ur hair looks lovely xx
  • SuzywhoSuzywho Posts: 212
    You are definitely not too old - you look stunning! I think you should wear your hair like that..
  • im 37 and see all these young girls on here lookin so stunning and dont want to look like mutton on the pics lol think im havin a mid life crisis a few years early
  • ldeadmanldeadman Posts: 124
    OH you look beautiful! You dont look a day over 21 How old r u image

    Personally i think the flower in your hair looks best!

    Only wish i can look as good as youimage

  • No way you look fab I love pic no.1 you look stunning! x
  • It looks really lovely, very soft and feminine. I love the tiara too!
  • Miss_PenguinMiss_Penguin Posts: 1,020
    Looks great - don't panic!
  • cheers guys so thats 2 for the tiara and 1 for the flowers so far
  • aliwynnealiwynne Posts: 1,141
    looks lovely, 1 more for the tiara! unless you are getting married abroad then i vote flower lol x
  • i like both but the flower is a bit different so id go with it

  • LadyFushiaLadyFushia Posts: 567
    I love the tiara, it's gorgeous (can I be cheeky and ask where you got it?) I think flowers would be great for the beach but as you're getting married in monastery gardens I vote tiara image

  • JessersukJessersuk Posts: 560
    You look absolutely gorgeous! Your tiara in pic 1 is lovely! x
  • tanroe09tanroe09 Posts: 4,121
    You look fab, and definatly dont look old!! Another vote for the tiara.

  • I am a 37 year old bride too and can sympathise with your wobbles. And then I saw your pics - you are stunning and do not look like mutton. Promise! I like both styles so I would say it depends on the dress and style you are aiming for. I think the flower would look great with a floaty dress for instance but if you are going for something more structured then the tiara. I think you can carry both looks though - you lucky thing!
  • TheNemoTheNemo Posts: 929
    As a fellow 37 year old I can empathise with the age-appropriate worry but stop worrying you look amazing and fresh-faced. Cow! Only kidding, I love the flower but if you marry somewhere hot it might wilt very quickly, tiara is great prefer those two to the clip to be honest. When's the big day?
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    You look fresh faced and very youthful. I would have put you at 30 at the very most.

    You look lovely, very pretty and natural.

  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    P.s can u do my hair and makeup please???


  • cab1973cab1973 Posts: 129
    You look gorgeous and hair is lovely, very feminine!

    Another vote for the tiara (if you were getting married abroad I'd have gone for the flower) x
  • daisylozdaisyloz Posts: 3,109
    NO you are def not too old ....you look fab in the tiara and love the hair in that too x
  • omg really confused now tiara or flowers and mrscarney2b the tiara was from a local wedding shop on sale £10 but took it to pieces and rearanged it on the side(see im never happy lol) thanks for all the replys feelin a bit more lamb now lol and thanks for all the 37 year olds replys guess were all in the same boat lol.

    mrsneno2b, gettin married 30th sept but fly out on 22nd sept for Rhodes the flowers a silk orchid off ebay only cost me £3.50 but it does look quite real doesnt it, thats why its so hard im indecisive at the best of times and have to have everything just right!lol

    still not sure think gonna ask h2b but dont want him to see it lol x

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  • shoe-gal28shoe-gal28 Posts: 480
    i think they both look lovely, what is your dres like?
  • you look gorgeous!! I think the flower is lovely but as a compromise you could wear the tiara for the service / day do then the flower in the evening for the party!!

  • TheNemoTheNemo Posts: 929
    Mrs PK2b has a very good idea. It all depends on your dress really. If it's a floaty, hippyish ethereal dress then the flower is perfect. If its a more structured look with beading or crystals then the tiara is perfect. Or you can do both at different times of the day,,,have your cake and eat it....
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    you look 10 years younger and your hair looks so beautiful
  • You look fabulous (speaking from someone who is 41!!!)!!!

    I personally love the orchid - it does look real... and certainly won't wiltimage

    I think perhaps the tiara as well as the diamante clip (which I really like) may be a bit over kill.

    ..but as with everything wedding, it is the overall look that matters and whether it suits the decor & venue... (I'm so choosing things I never thought I'd like!)

    I nearly got talked into a dress that was 'ideal for the more mature bride' but just made me look fat & frumpy!!! LOL
  • Sorry - too old?

    You look 21.

    Loving the hair too
  • olisseolisse Posts: 1,280
    You definitely don't look too old. The only problem might be the curls wilting in the heat, I'm guessing it'll still be pretty hot in Greece. I vote for the flower, but then I'm not really a tiara girl.
  • AbFab22AbFab22 Posts: 880
    I was expecting someone ancient! 37 is young! And you look young too. Congratulations!

    Think the photos look great. Why not have the flower for the day/ceremony, and then change to the tiara for the evening.

    I had a birdcage veil and a tiara, didn't want to wear them at the same time, so I had the birdcage veil for the ceremony and afternoon, and then the sidespray tiara for the supper/evening.

    Abi (35!) x

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