Is anyone having heavy bridal eye make-up?

I love lots of dramatic make-up on my eyes but is this okay for a wedding? I'm not much of a fan of the barely there, natural look on myself. Kinda makes me ill looking. What do you think?


  • I'm having smokey eyes and big lashes. It's up to you how you have your make up at the end of the day, it's your wedding! xx
  • mojo555mojo555 Posts: 388
    Im having smokey eyes too! Go for it more brides these days do it and I think it looks fab and if you normally wear make up like that why would you want to be different on your wedding day! x
  • me i posted some pics a few days ago.
  • I'm having heavy eye makeup too. I always wear lots of eye makeup anyway, so I'd look very strange if I went for the natural look. I found a really nice Dior set of eye shadows for smokey eyes. No7 is good too x
  • JanieKukJanieKuk Posts: 395
    I'm having smoky eyes like this (although maybe toned down a bit)...

    I don't ever do the natural look and I think that H2B would wonder who he was marrying. I want to feel like me too!
  • Wow, that pics amazing! Might have a try of that myself...
  • Do what feels best. Personally I'm going to go for something that looks natural. Why look like you have got loads of makeup on on your wedding day? I want to look like myself on the day but just have make up that will enhance my features in a subtle natural way.
  • I'm having dramatic eye's too, I love the natural look, but I wear that every day & I dont want to look the same as I do when I go to work, I only wear the more dramatic look when I'm going out or it's a special occasion & you cant get more of a special occasion than your wedding it looks great on the photo's.
  • i'm having quite heavy make up for my wedding day! i agree that i want to look like me but more glamourous than my day to day natural look! i'm having big lashes, white &grey sparkly eyes and pink lipgloss!!! i don't really suit the natural look! each to their own, make the best of what you have got it what i say! x
  • I don't know if its just me but i wear plenty of eye make everyday but when i see photographs of myself i always think "where is my make up?" i look like im not wearing any, so for that reason i'll be wearing plenty and taking photos at the make-up trial to make sure its not too much x
  • BearCubukBearCubuk Posts: 1,145
    I'm having dramatic eyes too, I'm wearing a dark dress in November so natural make up would look a bit every day on me. I've got the silver/black Dior 5 colour palette and some MAC lashes. I'm keeping foundation/blush/bronze minimal with high shine pink lips.
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