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Is anyone doing their own make up or this a crazy idea???

just trying to save pennies is anyone else doing this? x x ximage


  • i was going to then i found it was included in my package.

    if you are worried about it why not book a trial or a consultation. i had a make up lesson with a virgin vie rep
  • Lots of my friends did this. They bought lovely makeup that they got to keep. If you are good at doing your own makeup then go for it. Bobbi Brown offer free bridal makeup lessons to get a few tips. I am considering doing my own. x
  • well to be honest all i was going to do, is foundation, and mascara and a bit of lip gloss, thats pretty much what I wear every day,
  • loulou_bloulou_b Posts: 466
    im going to be doing my own after seeing just how much makeup artists charge! what a rip off!

    id advise going to a couple of make up counters and getting the free make overs. you might end up trying something new that is perfect for your big day!

    good luck!
  • I'm definitely doing my own. On the list of things to attempt to do yourself on your wedding day, I think its pretty achievable. I'd love to have mine done for me, but I'm already spending a bit on hair / make -up / Etc. I intend to have quite a few treatments before the day. I really need to get my step daughter's hair styled and my best friend will have a 3 month old baby at the time so I've arrange for someone to go and do her hair and make up. When I stare in disbelief at the excel sheet, I just don't feel I need to add another £200 for my make up as well, to that particular column!
  • cazanncazann Posts: 832
    My daughter is doing her own. She never wears much make up at all though and she doesn't want to look different on her wedding day so she thinks it will be a waste of money.
  • Sophie2007ukSophie2007uk Posts: 1,127
    its not a crazy idea no!

    i did my own, had a trial with estee lauder in my local dept store, cost £10 but then I got to spend that on products, also borught some No7 from Boots as that was on offer at the time & did my own makeup on the day and was very hapy with it.
  • I'm doing my own too. I don't wear much make up normally and want to look like me (for the same reason I will be wearing my glasses - why some people think I should wear contacts is beyond me. Sorry ladies, rant over!)

    I went to debenhams and intended to go to estee lauder but they were busy and not very interested so ended up at bare minerals. The lady I saw was lovely and gave some tips on application etc so spent more than I intended but have tried it a few times and am happy with it - and still look like me.
  • cazzie36cazzie36 Posts: 1,433
    after watching this weeks Dont tell the bride and seeing the mess that make up artist made of the poor girls face, i will defo be doing my own

  • I'll probably do my own as my skin is really fussy. I'll just invest in some treatments and new products and practise in advance of the day. x
  • Quoted:
    I'm doing my own too. I don't wear much make up normally and want to look like me (for the same reason I will be wearing my glasses - why some people think I should wear contacts is beyond me. Sorry ladies, rant over!)

    That's exactly how I feel - I can't wear contacts and my h2b loves my specs so I want to look like 'me' on my day as well! Hope you have a lovely day!
  • Aww, thank you - you too!

    I've always worn glasses, my h2b has never known me without them (nor have most of my family) but I got a phone call asking when I'd be going home to order my contacts??! I genuinely don't know where it came from - I don't have any problem with people wearing lenses, it's a personal choice for me not to, I just can't see why people think I would wear them for the first and only time on my wedding day!
  • higgyuk1higgyuk1 Posts: 1,225
    I am definitely. I like the way I do mine and think I'd be stressed having something different on the day. Plus I love the whole getting myself ready thing, so it will be relaxing I think (I hope!!)
  • im definitely doing my own make up on the day image im a qualified beauty therapist and have worked for christian dior.. I just cant trust anyone else to get my make up the way I like it.. plus I figured if I go and buy all my expensive make up, at least I can use it again after the day. x
  • lak32lak32 Posts: 978 New bride
    I'm planning to do my own. I just can't justify the price of having make-up done for me.

    I admit I'm no pro at make-up (far from it) but I just find it a tad vain (sorry- I don't mean to offend anyone, this is only MY opinion) to spend that kind of money on make-up for one day.

    I do plan to buy better quality make-up (which is also vain, I admit) but at least I keep that and continue to use it.
  • I'm def doing my own. Had a make up artist come to the house for a make up trial and i literally looked like a drag queen. Why would i want to pay someone over £100 to make me too overdone for the photos? Yes i know you need a good eye shadow for the photographs but what about those talking to me face to face? I think they may be alittle disturbed by my not so subtle smokey eye look lol

    Im spending the money on good quality products that i can keep after the wedding x
  • Im definitly doing my own make-up. Why I would want to look different to how I usually do!

    Plus would rather buy lots of lovely new make-up and apply myself than pay for just one application!

    Plus your right much more relaxed.
  • My friend is a make up artist & I was going to get her to do it but on second thoughts I will do my own. I don't want to upset her if I hate it & it's another thing for me to spend time doing (practising) to drag out the wedding preparations which I love doing (I'm such a loser!!). I'm a bit neurotic about people touching my face & my skins very fussy so I'd have to use my own products anyway. Def couldn't test new products out in the weeks before - breakout nightmare!

  • I did my own and I was so worried about it! But I think I did a great job, even if I do say so myself! I would recommend Estee Lauder foundation and getting a mini trial at the Mac counter... plus a bit of practice. Alot of my friends thought I'd had it done professionally...

    Here's a link to my pics
  • I'm going to do my own. I went to the Clinique counter in Selfridges at the weekend and had a trial, and even though I looked like a drag queen (!) I really liked some of the products, so I will just use about 10% of the amount that she did. I agree that it's silly to do everything just so that you look good in the photos. I swear my other half would burst out laughing if I walked down the aisle looking like that!

  • gem_sweetiegem_sweetie Posts: 1,898
    I did my own make up. i went for a make-up lesson with bobbi brown, they were brill n their make-up is unbelievably easy to apply

  • catmc you look stunning! x
  • Hi It's not a crazy idea at all! I'm doing mine, I know how I like it. The amount I would spend on a make up girl I can spend on some great products I get to keep! I'll treat myself to some goodies and go to the counters to get some tips. X
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