Confused about booking hair and makeup! Help!

Sorry lots of questions!

Have you picked a few different people to have trials with and then are going to book from that?

Or have you decided on who you want to use and are keeping your fingers crossed you like them when you have your trial!?

Or have you found someone you possibly want to use and are having a trial now and then another nearer the wedding?

I'm just worried in case i leave it til my trial and i don't like it but then i won't have much time to try and find someone else! But then i don't want to spend loads of money having lots of trials!

What has everbody done?




  • i'm having a trial 2 months before the wedding-find someone who won't rush you and you can try lots of styles-my lady said she allows approx 4 hours!
  • Hi, I have just had one trial for hair and one for make up, and thankfully I loved them both! I had them just over 6 weeks before the wedding, so it was a bit of risk, as if I didn't like them I probably would have struggled to find someone else! I did my research though, so I was pretty sure that I would like the end result, i.e. I visited lots of salons and spoke to the hairdressers there before deciding on the one that I am using. Make up was a bit trickier as couldn't visit in person, but I scoured the internet, got lots of quotes and asked to see photos of their work, even posted a thread on here asking for reviews of my fav! x
  • willsgalwillsgal Posts: 419
    My makeup lady is my beautician, and she's done my makeup before, so I know how good she is! Still haven't found a hairdresser yet, but I'm booking appts to go into see them and chat and see their portfolios. Always ask for testimonials as well!! xxx
  • I'm having a trial when I book her (a year or so before the wedding) to check she's not utter RUBBISH and then a trial closer to the day to work on styles

  • cazfaycazfay Posts: 643
    My wedding is in July next year. I found a few people who got good reviews on here and I liked their website/ pics. I booked trials with 3 ladies in the end, but liked my first one, Amanda Roberts, loads so booked her and cancelled the other two. Was comforting to know I had a back up in case I didn't like her, but it was a great trial. Good luck image
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