Chemical Peel anyone?

Currently researching this idea. I've been having monthly facials since May this year as an attempt to rid my face of some acne scarring and blemishes and general rubbish looking skin. Truth is after 6 treatments i can't tell the difference and think i have wasted my money. Im good to skin and eat healthily and drink gallons af water a day.

Has anyone had a chemical peel or considering it?


  • I had a diy one - it hurt like hell, I cried for an hour - and it did make my face quite shiny and smooth but only for about 2 days...

    oh - just retrieved it from the back of bathroom cabinet - It was estee lauder - perfectionist peel. It was a present from h2b's work otherwise I dont think I'd have bought it myself.

    I have a bit of scarring from a lifetime of excema - not saying it suits anyone but johnsons fake tan for faces do wonders for me.

    Let me know how you get on!
  • Hmm thanks for checking that for me, didn't know you could d.i.y it. Will search internet for reviews now...........
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