MAC or Bobbie Brown foundation. Suggestions?


I'm doing my own makeup for my wedding and have heard really good things about both Bobbie Brown and MAC. I'm getting marries in Australia in March so it's still going to be quite hot. Has anyone tried either of these two brands for foundation? I usually wear quite a bit of make up anyway and like quite a medium to high coverage, but I'm worried I might sweat it off. Does anyone have an advice?

Thanks so much x


  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    If i were u i would go an have some make up trials done at both? If u can afford it if not just pop along to their make up counters an ask advice an weigh up which sounds better image x
  • I had trials done at both for my wedding, and now use both brands. For me, I feel that Mac is more a 'going out' brand - I'll use it if we're going somewhere nice, going for a night out etc.

    I use Bobbi Brown for every day and when I want a lovely, natural look, which is what I wanted for my skin for our wedding, as I went quite dramatic with my make up otherwise. I really recommend Bobbi Brown Skin foundation - it really does just make your skin look flawless, but not made up.
  • you really need to try both as both brands have several types of bases that work differently on different skin types.
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    I have just got married in Antigua (so very hot).

    I went for a trial with Bobbi Brown. Their make up is gorgeous. I have problematic skin and it gave me full coverage. The make stayed in place all day and their long wear gel eyeliner is especially great. I spent £350 when i went for my trial, wasn't pressued into anything, I just loved it all so much lol, plus hubby treated me.

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    Hi Hayleed, i love both Mac Bobby Brown. I love make up (good job as im a make up artist lol), i would suggest trying both and explaining where you are going. Just go into a department store near you and talk to the people on the counters. If it was myself getting married in a hot climate i think i would go for a liquid concealer applied with a brush it will act like a foundation but not be as heavy or as hot in the heat. x
  • Hi, my make up artist last week used a chanel mat lumire foundation on me as I get very oily, she told me although shes uses allot of mac she does not use mac foundations as they are generally silicon based so not so good for skin and can be greasy after a while, I dont know I suppose everyone is different but my skin looked fab after and the shine dident break through - Yay! Also heard Bobbi Brown stick foudation is very good ...
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