long wedding hair

My hair is down to my waist and ive been struggling to find a nice style.

Curls will be difficult to keep in and plain down will be too normal everyday look.

I saw dont tell the bride last night and really likes Acya's hair.

Looked evrywhere to get a pick to show my hair dresser.

Has anyone got any pics that they could post for long wedding hair opr point me in the direction.

Ive looked at bridal amagazines but none have taken my fancy :\?


  • flonobleflonoble Posts: 218

    Have you tried looking on http://www.projectwedding.com/photo/browse?photo_to_show=9899&tag=hair

    It has some great pics, I found it through one of the posts on here! You can search for pretty much anything! The link above brings up a lovely hair style for longer hair. Mine is quite long, just below the bust and will prob be this length, if not longer for my wedding next year! So if you find any appropriate ones please show me too!!

    Thanks and I hope this is helpful image xx
  • flonobleflonoble Posts: 218
    Oh the link didn't go to the pic I thought it would - but am sure you can find some if you type in "long hair" xx
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    Your hair sounds like it is longer than these, but here a few I like for me:

    Also try searching images with google, thats where I found all my examples image

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  • hayleedukhayleeduk Posts: 236

  • hayleedukhayleeduk Posts: 236

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