I'm sitting here waiting and feeling slightly panicked!

I've got 37 days to go until my wedding, i had my trial with the hairdresser booked for today which was cancelled this morning and my make up lady was meant to be here at 10:30 and isn't... i am slightley worried now :\( xx


  • Hi how did everything go? did she show up and was she worth the wait?

  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    hun hope it got sorted
  • I now need to find a hairdresser with only 36 days to go until my wedding image and i am now deffinately doing my make up myself on the day... feel so stressed now, been a rubbish day!!! image xxxx
  • MrsHotchMrsHotch Posts: 1,268
    Oh no, i'm getting married in 25 days and having my hair & make up trial on Sat. I hope i like what she does I wouldn't want the stress of finding someone else.

    Hope you sort everything out soon xx
  • Sorry to hear that Kakey. If you change your mind, things have changed since you last emailed me and I may be able to fit you in now but it sounds like you have made your mind up! If you want my hairdresser friend's details, just let me know.
  • Hi Rochelle, i have emailed you for some details, thanks
  • Flame_13Flame_13 Posts: 195
    Hey Kakey

    I don't know where you are based but if its London or Essex try a company called Love Hair. They might be able to get you a hairdresser at short notice.

    Sorry if that is no help at all x
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