Sarah Louise Elliott

Has anyone used Sarah Louise Elliott for their actual wedding day? I've seen a lot of ladies on here who have had their trials with her but no one has mentioned having her on the day, I'm just a bit concerned because I've emailed her a few days ago but had no reply and a few others have said the same and I'm just a bit worried that it might be a bad sign for on the day.



  • moonpig43moonpig43 Posts: 239
    I have booked her after reading the fantastic reviews about her!!

    I e mailed her and she took a few days to reply but thats purley because she is soooo busy!! I have no worries at all sbout her and she hasnt done my hair or make up yet, look at her website that said it all for me!!!
  • I've booked her too although not even had my trial yet. She has had some fantastic reviews and she does take a few days to reply to emails but like moonpig43 I have no worries about her!!

  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    I've booked Sarah, she has always replied really quickly to me. I think she does work away though so may not have access to her email at all times. I wouldn't be worried though I think she'll be fantastic and we'll all look like princesses on our big days............x
  • I second that!!

  • LilahBLilahB Posts: 113
    Thanks ladies, I think I'll wait a bit longer for her to reply, I'm not the most patient person in the world especially when it comes to anything wedding related!
  • n8tybn8tyb Posts: 84
    Hi LilahB

    I have just booked her this week for my wedding next year and when I spoke to her on the phone she mentioned that she has been having a few difficulties with her email as she has just updated her website. Just give her a bell and she will be happy to help, she will def put your mind at rest when you speak to her, she sounds lovely!!

    Good luck.

    Nat xx
  • I emailed her last weds, no reply. Left her a voicemail Tues this week, not heard a thing back! image
  • Hi,

    I've had one of the ladies from here contact me to let me know about this post. I'm really sorry if anyone has had trouble with contacting me but as one of the brides said I've updated my website and for some reason I'm not getting all my emails through and I have no idea why!? Very frustrating!

    I have replied to all the emails I have recently received so if you haven't had a reply I haven't got it. You can always email me on [email protected] as my webmail comes through to this account and I always get them from this account.

    I will try and sort out my website with the email but as I do my website myself and have no idea what's wrong!

    I'm sorry to the ladies who have had no answer as I usually answer asap if I'm working away or have a busy week but if it's longer than two days it's because I haven't received it.

    Sorry ladies,

    Sarah (sorry for the essay!)

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