PLEASE PLEASE help me find hairdresser.. only 36 days2go!!

Please help me find a hairdresser, they cancelled on me today with only 36 days to go (!!!) and it is really stressing me out! I am based in northampton, so if anybody has any reccomendations please please let me know xxxx


  • Hey there,

    I don't know about wedding hair costs, but my hairdresser is Jacqui at Richardsons on George Row in town and she is brilliant. She sat and looked at my hair and could automatically see all the problems I have with it and she resolved them with no fuss (have always had to point these things out to other hairdressers and ask them to fix them). She recommended a great style for me for the wedding and I am really disappointed that she can't do my hair on the day as she is too far away (getting married in Stratford).

    Would definitely recommend Jacqui image

  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    Google them hun or ring around hairdressers an ask if they come out stop stressing its easiyl sorted x
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