Where do I start?

I've had it set in my mind for a long time now that I want to do my own make-up for my wedding in August 2011. I know there's a long time for me to learn, but I don't know where to start.

My birthday was last month, and I asked for (and got) all the "tools" I'd need e.g. brushes, from my mam to give me just under two years to practise.

The thing is I only currently wear over-the-top going out make up, consisting of bright contrasting colours, as I don't wear make up unless I'm going on a night out.

I've always been brought up on No 7 from boots, which is fine, but don't know how to do "toned down" day make up.

Does anyone else find it super intimidating asking the assistants in beauty shops their oppinions?

Are there any tips anyone would give re: "normal" make up? If I was going for super high colours and glitter I'd know exactly what to do, but in this situation I feel like I need some kind of manual, or user-guide!!!

My main issue is with eyeshadow, as I think I've got concealing, base and blush off to a tee.

Where can I turn for a "beginners guide" to beauiful eyes?

I'd love to start now, practising with different colours and styles to see what suits me, but I just don't know where to start, and don't want to waste money on the wrong kind/shades of eyeshadows and eyeliners.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've even considered doing a short course at the college I work at, but they only seem to run "party make up" courses, almost as if you should know what you're doing already for day time!

Please help if you can!



  • Hiya hun,

    there are some great make up tutorials on you tube so they are worth a look ive not searched but im sure there would be some specifically for wedding make up.

    You can also book wedding make up lessons with counters such a bobbi brown for about £10 and you get that back if you buy something so that might be worth doing as well even if you dont buy you get the idea of techniques etc...

    hope this helps a little


  • Mrs B 2011

    Why waste your hard earned cash on college, and get some tips for free! I know you said you'd be a bit daunted going into say, deb's, selfridges etc... But that would be 2 great advantages, you getting tips on how to do your make up and also test driving the cosmetics! I've had a few of those and the girls/ladys are normally just grand.

    Failing that, most beauty salons that offer bridal make up, also offer make up lessons, so you could do that, I couldn't say how much it'd cost you, but if you feel that strongly about a department store, it may be better option.

    It is a tough decision, I always thought i'd do my own, then i swapped to getting it done professionally but the H2B & me have had a pre wedding shoot today & they commented on how lovely my make up was. so i'm like mmmmm should I do it after all!! I guess the proof will be in the pictures!

    I hope you get it sorted though!

    Kitty x

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  • Matilda82Matilda82 Posts: 219
    Thanks for the advice!

    Maybe I should just put my fears aside and get my BMs to come along with me for moral support and take the plunge into trials, i suppose the worse that could happen is that I walk around town in the middle of the day done up to the nines!

    It's not like a bad hair cut, I can take it off straight away! And I guess I'd just have to say a big fat "no thanks" if they try and sell me stuff I don't like.

    It just seems weird to me wearing make up in the daytime, and that overbearing perception of the beauty people; like the trailers before Ugly Betty!!!

    And Kitty, as for your pre-shoot, totally sack your make up artist if your piccies turn out good!! The proof is in the piccies!

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