Microdermabrasion- tomorrow!

Hi, I know there have been a few threads about this before. Everyone seems to rave about it, so I've decided to give it a go. H2B said that he would treat me to a course of sessions, I'm always so self conscious about my skin as its quite marked after years of spots! So fingers crossed this will help- will let you know!


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  • Hi i had my second one this week my skin feels so soft and smooth im having the course as well cant wait til my next one seems to get better everytime. good luck enjoy it x
  • email me on [email protected] and I can tell you how you can do the same treatment at your home convenience but much cheaper
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    Hi Clarissa, I had the 1st session and my skin already feels softer and smoother, can't wait to have the next one now like you!

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    can I be really cheeky and ask what kind of price this costs burgiegirl???

  • I've paid £200 for 6 treatments not sure what you paid burgiegirl? but it is lovely and i do love going to the salon and having it done.
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    thanks clarissa20!
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    Hi, I'm having a course done at the moment and I have to say although it's expensive it does make a differnece - My skin is glowing and the results last a couple of weeks. I should advise though that my skin does take a couple of days to see the benefits - let me know how you get on x
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    what is it???

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    The course I'm having is 216 for 6 treatments. Basically they describe it as a controlled was of resurfacing your skin, by exfoliating the outer layers of skin. They use a special machine, it doesn't hurt at all and its mean to be great for people with any acne scarring or fine lines and wrinkles etc. Had heard so many good reports about it on this site so wanted to give it a go as my skins terrible!

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    Had my second treatment on saturday and it does make my skin feel beautifully soft. The only thing is that after both the treatments I've come up with quite a few little spots which I suppose is because it has a real exfoliating effect, but is really anoying! Has anybody else who has had microdermabrasion noticed this too???


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  • yeah i noticed 1 0r 2 little spots but they went as quick as they came my skin is lovely now. My skin seems better after say 4 days once its settled back down. I bought the dermalogica tinted moisturiser its lovely so i havent had to wear foundation now for a few days. Do you use dermalogica burgiegirl?
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    No I've been using clinique products for about the last 6 weeks which I've been quite pleased with. But I do have the dermologica hydrating masque that they recommended that I use after each session
  • oh was just wondering found a good website where the products r a lot cheaper... im sure they do clinique as well? its www.beautyflash.co.uk

    i find the salon i buy it from can be quite expensive x
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    Thanks will have a look x
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