Need a modern florist cumbria area

Looking for a florist with a modern flair- anyone know of one in cumbria?

Have got everything else sorted. Using lisa jayne for makeup and equinox for hair but can't seem to find a modern florist.

Any ideas

Lucy x


  • Hi - forgive me, I'm not sure of the geography, but this lady's work is AMAZING!

  • aliwynnealiwynne Posts: 1,141
    im using vandella florist, they do anything you want! xx
  • A second recomendation for Vandella
  • I've booked vandellas

    but the one in bank street was a wedding fair and their stuff looked great...they're expensive though!
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    I've booked cochranes of longtown - cheap and cheerful but you need to give them pics then it turns out exactly as you want, no risk taking etc if you know what i mean! all my friends have had their wedding flowers from there - so much more affordable especially for little treat items like extra pew flowers in church they otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford, so i'm pretty happy about their quality, i'll see if i can find some pics of their flowers, hang on a sec .......

    ah yes here are pics of flowers that cochranes have done in the last year or 2 for my friends weddings & christenings...

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  • zivatonyzivatony Posts: 337

  • zivatonyzivatony Posts: 337

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  • Hi there,

    We're going with Vine & Roses in Penrith. The ladies there are incredibly helpful and we got everything we asked for at a fraction of the cost that we thought it was going to be - a very nice suprise!

    Good luck!
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