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Hi all

Just thought I'd let you know that I had my make-up trial yesterday and it was fab. The girl was from Daniel Sandler and she covers gloucester, west midlands and I think a few other areas.

She asked loads of questions about my dress, hair, the venue, the theme and what make-up I normally wear. She explained everything she was doing and asked me at each stage whether I liked what she was doing. She did a different look on each eye and responded really well to all of my suggestions and was really keen that I was honest.

In the end I've gone for a slightly shimmery champagne and brown eye, natural pink-y cheeks and a dewy complexion and raspberry lips and I loved it! My mum, who isn't a big make-up wearer even asked her to stay longer and do a trial for her, which she was really pleased with and she's going to get her to do it on the day.

She also wasn't a pushy saleswoman and said only that I should probably buy the lipstick so that I can keep it looking fresh, but to be honest I think I'm going to buy some of the other products as they weren't really expensive and they were great (eg. foundation 14.50). She's also given me great advice about where to go to get my eyebrows shaped.

Honestly not on commission for her, but having read posts about disasters thought I'd spread the word about a good make-up artist! There's info on how to contact her here: http://www.danielsandler.co.uk/team/.


  • Wow rebcad that sounds great, am off to have my trial in june (the wedding is July 7th) so I hope I like it as I haven't got any time to change my mind.

    Really pleased for you

    x x
  • rebeccacadrebeccacad Posts: 127
    Thanks Suki! Good luck with your trial - hope it goes really well.
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    Do you know the name of the girl you had? I'm looking at make-up trials at the moment and the website has lots of different people...

    Also what sort of price's are we talking about? I got a quote from one girl at £300!!!!


    Eve xx

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  • hi i no im not in the same area as u guys but my quote 4 a mobile make up artist is 50quid for me and that includes a trial and bms r 30quid each which i have found quite resonable
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    See that's much better, I nearly died when she told me the price!!

    I have found a good beauty clinic near me, but unfortunately all they do is put on make-up they have no clue when it come to good products etc, they just expect you to bring your own stuff.

    I'm having a look around to see what's good, but i'd really like to get a professional opinion on what make-up will be the best.

    We're having a medieval wedding so I have to look natural and flawless!

    Eve xx
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    I also had a fab make up trial last weekend. It was my second one as I wasn't 100 per cent delighted with the first one. Anyway the second one was brilliant so really pleased. Need to sort hair next...
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    Rebcad how much was she? She sounds great!!
  • rebeccacadrebeccacad Posts: 127
    Her name is Jacqui Mbohou and she charged 50 pounds for my trial and 35 for my Mum's. On the day it'll be 75 pounds for my make-up and 35 for each additional person- which I think is pretty good. Her e-mail is:

    [email protected]

    if you want to get in touch. Mention my name (Rebecca Cadigan) if you book her and you never know she might give some of us a discount!

    300 pounds sounds like a huge amount. That's how much it costs to get Daniel Sandler himslef to do it, so unless she's a famous make-up artist that sounds far too expensive.
  • hi

    You mentioned you bought the dewy foundation your make-up artist used and the raspberry coloured lipstick - could I ask what brands they were and the colour of lipstick? Also looking for the dewy fresh look and don't know what to buy. And I don't usually wear lipstick, so don't know where to start but I know raspberry coloured lip gloss suits me.

    Any help appreciated! image

  • rebeccacadrebeccacad Posts: 127
    They were Daniel Sandler products which are only sold by the make-up artists and in Harrods. The one she gave me was Colour wash No. 3 and the lipstick was High Impact Lipstick (True rouge).

    If you can't get to harrods and don't want to get one of the make-up artists why don't you go to some of the make-up counters (Estee Lauder, Benefit, MAC) and get them to try out their dewy foundations and raspberry lip colours on you?
  • eve135ukeve135uk Posts: 228
    She's not a famous make-up artist, she just one of the girls that work on the counter at Bobbi Browns in House of Fraser.
  • eve135ukeve135uk Posts: 228
    She's not a famous make-up artist, she just one of the girls that work on the counter at Bobbi Browns in House of Fraser.
  • eve135ukeve135uk Posts: 228
    Oops sorry, clicked it twice!
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